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New cars may be exempted from registration for the first time

According to a proposal by the Vehicle Registration Department, new vehicles will be exempt from inspection during the first cycle. The exemption period will vary for each type of vehicle, for example, vehicles with fewer than 10 seats will be exempt for 30 months, and trucks will be exempt for 24 months. In addition, the exemption period for new vehicles will be calculated from the date of production until the delivery date to the buyer, with a maximum of 23 months. Therefore, the maximum exemption period for vehicles with fewer than 10 seats is 53 months, and for trucks, it is 47 months.
During this inspection-free period, the vehicle owner does not need to take the vehicle to the inspection center, only need to bring the Vehicle Registration Certificate to any inspection center to receive the inspection sticker and pay road maintenance fees. However, the vehicle owner still needs to pay road maintenance fees and inspection certification fees for the motor vehicle.
The Vehicle Registration Department also proposed amending Decree 139/2018 to allow motor vehicle manufacturers to affix inspection stickers to vehicles right from the factory. Currently, only inspection centers are authorized to inspect and affix stickers to motor vehicles. If this proposal is accepted, new vehicles will be affixed with inspection stickers right from the factory, and the vehicle owner does not need to go to the inspection center to obtain stickers.
Furthermore, the Vehicle Registration Department will study and develop software that allows vehicle owners to schedule inspections and pay various fees online without having to go to the inspection center in person. However, the development of the software system and the amendment of Decree 139/2018 will take about 18 months.
The proposed amendment to Circular 16/2021 has been submitted by the Vehicle Registration Department to the Ministry of Transport and is expected to be implemented from July 1, 2023.

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