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National traffic safety month launched to make roads safer

National traffic safety month launched to make roads safer

A traffic officer of Phu Thien district, the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai, administering a breathalyser test on a road user during rush hour. (Photo: VNA)   

NDO/VNA - The Department of Traffic Police under the Ministry of Public Security on April 15 launched a national traffic safety month in an effort to make travel safer for all.

During the month, the traffic police will be mobilised to the fullest extent of forces, vehicles and professional technical equipment to ensure the safety and convenience of road users.

On the road, the traffic police will thoroughly apply technology in patrolling and inspecting traffic vehicles, using scientific and technical measures to detect and handle violations, as well as manage the work of the traffic police forces.

They will patrol and strictly handle traffic safety violations such as drivers using alcohol and drugs, carrying overloaded goods, arbitrarily renovated vehicles, illegal racing, excessive speed and not wearing helmets, as well as causes of traffic accidents and traffic jams.

Violations will be detected early and promptly prevented.

On the railways, the traffic police will ensure safety, actively cooperate with local authorities, police and the railway workers to inspect and handle vehicles that cross red lights, block trains and remove encroaching houses that violate the railway traffic safety corridor.

On inland waterways, the police force will coordinate with agencies to examine key waterways and tourist waterways, illegal ports and wharves; and waterway vehicles transporting students and passengers.

The local traffic police will review all solutions on waterway navigation, supplement or build new plans suitable to the current situation, mobilise task forces to deal with traffic jams, especially on main axes, expressways, key national highways, at festival venues, bus stations and train stations with high traffic density.

The Ministry of Public Security also requests the traffic police force to urgently investigate the cause and strictly handle traffic accidents causing serious consequences.

Through patrolling activities, traffic police promptly detect and arrest economic, drug and environmental crimes; traffickers and carriers of explosives, illegal weapons, banned goods, counterfeit and unknown origin goods.

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