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17 years old has won a series of awards, revealed the secret to passing the “Three-Specialization” exam in 10

17 years old, 10 consecutive years as a good student, conquering a series of awards at the Math Olympiad, the English Olympiad at the District and City levels; get 7.5 IELTS right from the first test; top 5% of international math exam IKMC; Bronze prize in the American math exam AMC8; The Encouragement Prize of the National Debate Competition Open to the New… those are the “foggy” achievements of a female student with a strange and beautiful name – Hoa Cam Tu.

Cam Tu is currently a grade 11 English major at High School for the Gifted, Hanoi National University of Education. Not only has her academic achievements “not average”, Tu also actively participates in social work and charity activities. She is a member of the Hanoi Cadets Club, representing the capital’s children to attend many children’s forums, and won many awards for team work (good team leader, Dien Bien small soldier,… ); She is the MC of many events and works as a teaching assistant, an English tutor to pay for her tuition.

Recently, Tu conducted a small activity by himself, making cakes with eco-friendly ingredients to sell and raise funds for charity to contribute to 2 projects of planting green trees to protect the environment and warm diapers for children. mountain children.

In the 2020 school year, in the 10th entrance exam, Tu passed the English proficiency exam near the High School for the Gifted of Foreign Languages; Specializing in English at High School for the Specialization of Pedagogical University; Specializing in English at Chu Van An High School. Tu shares many experiences in learning English; conquer the 10th exam and great experiences at the high school of your choice in the following conversation:

Always make a clear schedule to balance study and leisure

– 17 years old, both ensuring school studies with good results, participating in many competitions, social activities and even working part-time. How do you organize your timetable? Is there still time for leisure activities?

I always make a clear schedule to balance study and entertainment. Every day, in the morning I go to school, in the afternoon, whether I exercise more or less, I still spend a period of time going to the gym to improve my health. In the evening, there are a few sessions where I have a schedule of tutoring and teaching assistants, besides that, I mainly study by myself. On weekends, if I don’t have much homework, I usually go to the kitchen to cook or go out with friends to relax.

Actually, my parents don’t put pressure on me, but because I’m quite a perfectionist, I sometimes get stressed because I’m afraid of disappointing my parents, afraid of losing face with friends, at such times I often find someone to confide in to overcome.

– In addition to her academic achievements, what makes many people admire is that she is active in social work. When did you start participating? How do you feel about this?

When I was a child, I was extremely shy, very quiet. But when I was 11 years old, I was able to represent the school to attend a training course for team leaders at Team Le Duan School, and was fortunate enough to join the Hanoi Team Cadets Club. Since then, I have been involved in many cultural and artistic activities.

These activities seem to have completely changed her, from a shy little girl to being confident, bold, and daring to express herself. Thanks to that, I also discovered more of my passions (MC, acting, …). For me, studying is one thing, but participating in social activities is also extremely important because it helps hone soft skills and gain valuable experiences.

In particular, I really enjoy doing charity work. Every trip is a meaningful experience for me. The feeling of helping people who are more difficult than myself helps me feel happier and appreciate life more.

17 years old has won a series of awards, revealed the secret to passing the “Three-Specialization” exam in 10

– Tu got 7.5 IELTS right from the first test. I would like to share some of my English learning experiences!

One of my secrets is to contact English anytime, anywhere, using it as a means of entertainment. I love watching foreign reality TV shows like Masterchef USA, The Voice, Britain’s got talent, or watching my favorite foreign cartoons on youtube, reading all my favorite Doraemon manga in English. .. both relax and improve the level.

Another important factor is the method of learning vocabulary. I always have a vocabulary notebook and learn vocabulary every day, can study by topic / make sentences to make it easy to remember (in the past, I used to think of some silly ways to make sentences, but as long as I remember the words, it’s fine. Review vocabulary every day, open it every day, and don’t try to cram in too many words at once.

Regarding writing practice, writing essays used to be a terrible obsession for me, I was told that I couldn’t learn to write, but in 9th grade, I was fortunate to meet a teacher with a “suitable” teaching method. ca” so now I feel that writing is quite light.

I think writing is the hardest skill out of the 4 skills, I only have 1 piece of advice that is to practice writing as much as possible, if possible, remember to have a professional to correct it and then carefully review your mistakes, you will improve a lot. very fast. Reading and researching is also an important factor to write well, I always try to learn many topics, especially difficult topics such as: Universe, science, etc. .

When you practice speaking with me, speaking is the same as writing. If you speak a lot, you will get used to it and have good reflexes. If possible, you should find companions, schedule to practice speaking English with. But if not, you can choose to practice speaking by yourself and record and listen again to detect mistakes.

When preparing for IELTS, I choose a center where students will be taught entirely by foreign teachers, and this forces me to speak and listen to English more. The Ielts preparation method is the same as I shared above, but it must be accompanied by hard practice. Each certificate has its own question structure, so no matter how good you are, if you don’t practice the question format, it will be difficult to get a high score. (I usually practice in the IELTS cambridge book series, IELTS online test).

Experience in exam preparation in 10: Make sure to learn knowledge from the beginning of the year, especially 3 subjects Math, Literature, English

– In the 2020 school year, in the 10th entrance exam, Tu passed the English exam near the High School for the Gifted of Foreign Languages; Specializing in English at High School for the Specialization of Pedagogical University; Specializing in English at Chu Van An High School. Why did you choose to specialize in University of Education?

In the 10th grade entrance exam in 2020, I was fortunate to pass all the aspirations I applied for, but I chose to study at Specialization in Pedagogy because when I researched, I found that the school has a very high rate of students passing university. , there are many valedictorians and runner-ups of famous universities. Moreover, I was given good reviews by seniors about the school’s teachers, extracurricular activities, facilities, etc., so I decided this would be the place where I attended 3 years of high school.

– How did you prepare for the 10th grade entrance exam to achieve such results?

My experience is to firmly learn knowledge from the beginning of the year, especially 3 subjects Math, Literature, and English.

With Math: Absolutely do not leave any knowledge gap, practice firmly for each type of lesson and strengthen the weak form, in the last months, practice many synthetic questions. Just know the basics, 8 points is not difficult, but if you want to get 9 or more, you have to spend a lot of time practicing advanced types of exercises. Note the presentation carefully so as not to lose points unjustly.

Literature: Try to understand the text, appreciate the text instead of rote learning. English: Firmly grasp the knowledge in class and practice many topics. Grade 9 should focus fully on learning, other activities may be a little less. Don’t put too much pressure, this can affect the quality of learning. Choose a reasonable and reasonable desire

– After studying at the school, how do you feel about Specialization in Pedagogy?

If I had to choose again, I would definitely choose Specialization in Pedagogy. The learning environment here is great. What I like most about this school is that the teachers are very psychological, don’t put a lot of pressure and always create conditions in terms of grades, so I feel that studying here is very comfortable, not pressured. I easily balance studying with relaxation, spending time for myself, participating in projects, etc.

The school’s extra-curricular activities are also very diverse with dozens of clubs in many fields: music, food, sports, cinema, … along with big events such as The Breakfast, Fiesta A Cielo, Red Carpet, ambassador contest, etc., helps students to work in a dynamic environment, eliminating the concept of “specialized school only learning” of many people.

School discipline is also very strict, if you violate more than 6 mistakes in a semester, your behavior will be downgraded, so students are trained in discipline very well. The classmates are also very sociable, fun, and united. Because it is a specialized school, my classmates are very good at studying, thereby creating a competitive environment to help me constantly strive. The school’s facilities are also very convenient, clean, complete and comfortable.

– What is my direction in the future?

I have a passion to work in business in the future, so right now I have opened a shop selling Australian imported goods to practice start-ups, get acquainted with jobs such as market survey. , surveying prices, checking product quality, marketing,…, approaching business risks.

My dream is to study business in Japan after graduating from high school. I chose Japan because it is a civilized, modern, disciplined country, has a culture that the whole world admires, and has a high rate of money. low pollution and crime rates. I believe that if I can study and work in this country, I will open my eyes and develop myself. Because the family’s finances are not rich, I hope to win high scholarships to help support my parents’ expenses.

– Busy with school and extracurricular activities, do you often share and confide in your parents? Who influences you the most?

Personally, I always consider family first, more important than anything in the world, so I always try to be as close to my parents as possible, simply through everyday stories at school. In particular, my mother is the person that I trust and confide in the most, because she and I are quite “fit”, talking to her helps me feel comfortable, and her advice is also reasonable and reasonable. Help me make the right decisions.

– Thank you Cam Tu. mi-bi-quant

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