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Vietnamese women abroad promote mutual support

Vietnamese women abroad promote mutual support

Vietnamese women in "Ao dai" (traditional long dess) (Photo:   

NDO/VNA – Organisations of Vietnamese women have developed strongly among the overseas Vietnamese community, helping connect Vietnamese people and promote their mutual support with practical activities.

Formed in 2014, the Vietnamese Women’s Union in Malaysia has become a common house for Vietnamese women in the country.

Founder and President of the Union Tran Thi Chang, a doctor at the National Heart Institute of Malaysia, and members of the union have organised various activities to gather compatriots, especially women, to support each other in hard time.

Members of the union are working to launch a Vietnamese language course for Vietnamese children and Vietnamese brides in Kuala Lumpur, while giving free medical consultations to the Vietnamese community in the country.

Amid the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic that lasted over the past two years, the union has accompanied Vietnamese people, especially workers meeting difficulties in the country. Chang and other members of the union have raised funds to buy thousands of gifts to deliver to Vietnamese communities in different localities of Malaysia.

Recently, the union has assisted them in getting COVID-19 vaccine shots.

A charity activity of Tran Thi Chang and members of the Vietnamese Women’s Union in Malaysia (Photo courtesy of Chang)

Meanwhile in the Republic of Korea (ROK), which is hosting the largest number of Vietnamese brides in the world, many Vietnamese women have worked hard to settle down and integrate into the host society.

President of the Vietnamese Women’s Union in the ROK Mai Thi Hong Ngoc said that the union has done many things to assist the women in successfully integrating into the ROK society.

Besides, members of the union have organised cultural programmes to raise funds to assist disadvantaged people in the motherland, such as victims of flood and natural disasters or poor patients suffering from fatal diseases.

In Australia, the Association of Vietnamese Mothers led by Nguyen Bao Chau, a Vietnamese living in Melbourne, has become a corner for Vietnamese women to meet, exchange and support each other in all fields, especially in raising children in the country. The association has drawn the participation of over 12,000 members.

Since the pandemic broke out in the country, the association has given great help to single mothers and mothers who lost their jobs. Members of the association are also working hard to raise funds to support the frontline force in COVID-19 fight and pandemic-hit people in the home country.

Currently, the association’s activities have been expanded to all states across Australia.

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