15.05.2021, 21:21

Two more held for helping foreigners enter Vietnam illegally in guise of experts

Two more held for helping foreigners enter Vietnam illegally in guise of experts

Police in Da Nang City have arrested and prosecuted two more people for taking part in a ring that brought foreigners into Vietnam illegally under the cover of experts.

The arrest warrants were issued upon two the local residents, Le Xuan Thanh, 37, and To My Hong Anh, 32, on Saturday, three days after the detention of another ring member, Nguyen Tran Anh Tuan.

Thanh is director of two companies, Phi Anh Pro Co., Ltd. and Patour Trading and Services Co., Ltd., with their offices located in the Monarchy apartment building in the central city, investigators reported.

From January to March this year, Thanh colluded with the owner of a South Korean enterprise based in Da Nang in using the legal status of his two companies to sponsor seven South Korean to make entry into Vietnam under the cover of experts or investors.

In this supplied photo, Le Xuan Thanh is seen at his office in Da Nang City, where a police search is underway on May 15, 2021.

Initial investigation results showed that these seven foreigners were neither experts nor investors, nor included in the list of priority for entry during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

After completing their quarantine periods in Vietnam, they did not work for the enterprises that had sponsored them but took part in other firms. 

Anh, an employee of a South Korean-owned company, acted as a bridge between this company and Thanh and Tuan for the ring’s activities. 

Tuan, 34, hailing from Binh Thuan Province, set up three businesses and used the legal status of his companies to sponsor many South Koreans to enter Vietnam illegally under the guise of experts.

Under their agreement, Tuan would be paid US$200 for every successful entry.

Before his arrest, Tuan had been successful in sponsoring 12 Korean citizens to enter Vietnam and received a total of $2,400, local police reported.