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Risk of COVID-19 outbreak due to illegal immigration

Risk of COVID-19 outbreak due to illegal immigration

The illegal entries discovered in Nam Tu Liem District of Hanoi on May 2. (Photo:   

NDO - In recent days, further new COVID-19 infections have been reported in the country. Notably, through epidemiological investigation as well as the tracking and contact of health agencies, the police defined that they were all foreigners or those had contact with foreigners.

This has really become a serious and worrying issue, especially with the series of illegal immigration cases that have just been discovered. On May 2, the police from the districts of Cau Giay and Nam Tu Liem, in collaboration with the professional departments of the Hanoi Police, detected 46 Chinese illegal entries who were renting nine rooms in the Florence apartment at 28 Tran Huu Duc Street, Cau Dien Ward, Nam Tu Liem District. The police are fighting to clarify the "hole" that let Chinese people enter the country illegally. The Security and Investigation Agency of the City Police has just prosecuted two women who rented an apartment and then brought dozens of Chinese people in. Their motive was the benefit of hundreds of millions of Vietnamese dong from these Chinese subjects’ illegal acts.

More seriously, a member of the Covid-19 anti-epidemic control group of Ban Lau Commune, Muong Khuong District, in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai, acted as an “inside-hand” for a team that brought 200 people to immigrate illegally for 91 times. Most recently, the Vinh Phuc Provincial Police’s Security and Investigation Department has coordinated with Vinh Yen City’s Police to detect and detain 52 Chinese people who illegally entered and have been residing in the province. The case was discovered in the context of the complicated development of COVID-19 epidemic in the locality.

According to statistics of the Ministry of Public Security, around 100-150 people have been trying to enter illegally Vietnam per day. Although the functional forces have been working hard to prevent illegal entry, many cases have been worked out. This shows that there is still a "gap" in the control of the borders. If the illegal entries continue, the country will not be able to prevent the epidemic from the root, but through localising and detecting infections.

The loss of control over COVID-19 is entirely possible in Vietnam if we do not promptly prevent all risks, including illegal entry, and not strict manage people entering Vietnam, especially those coming from countries affected by the pandemic. Looking at the above cases and statistics, it can be seen that people who enter illegally are a threat that can cause a "breakdown" in the anti-epidemic efforts of the country that has been preventing and controlling COVID-19 effectively. Despite the dangers, several local people have been still irresponsible when they are ready to assist people entering illegally cross the borders. Therefore, it is necessary to soon prosecute these subjects with a strict penalty in accordance with the law to create deterrence.

In addition, it is crucial to develop a solid "defence" system with the border protection as the front line. The Border Guard needs to coordinate with other forces to continue strengthening measures to prevent and combat illegal entry and exit as well as enhancing the COVID-19 prevention and control in the current period. In the border areas, the inspection and control should be tightened at the border gates, trails and open paths, focusing on key directions and areas. The functional forces should firmly grasp the epidemic status, make prompt forecasts and advise local committees and authorities to develop plans to direct the appropriate response to each epidemic level in line with the actual situation.

For the domestic "defence" line, the police force needs to continue to open a rush to attack criminals related to illegal immigration. The Immigration Department under the Ministry of Public Security should directly coordinate and guide the local Police to grasp the situation and closely coordinate with the Border Guard force to strengthen the inspection and control at the border gates, trails and opening paths on border routes towards the prompt detection and prevention of any illegal entry or exit. The department should instruct the local police to strengthen the management of foreigners staying in the locality promptly detect and propose handling illegal entries and stay at the localities in accordance with the law and regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control.

It is also essential to enhance the state management of security and order, especially in residential management, foreigner management, and the management of investment and business sectors in terms of security and security. The relevant agencies should pay great attention to grasping the situation of households and people and solving security situation in the local area, while conducting the coordination of patrol forces, notably with the locals, such that each citizen becomes a "scout" in the fight against the epidemic.

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