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Children's song project of Nguyet Ca moves the public

Nguyet Ca, a mother raising an autistic child, regards her son as the tower of strength who has helped her carry out a project to interpret Vietnamese children's songs.

Nguyet Ca (birth name Bach Thuy Linh), who once loved chanting English songs, is currently the director of an English center and active in the Vietnam Autism Network.

In addition to doing business and teaching, she excels in singing and has a deep passion for late musician Trinh Cong Son’s music.

Combining her foreign language ability and beautiful voice, she and her collaborators have implemented a special translation project that renders Vietnamese children's songs into English.

The name Nguyet Ca originates from a song by musician Trinh Cong Son that Thuy Linh adores.

Nguyet Ca and her partner had long nourished this dream. However, it was not until early 2018 that she received the first fully translated children's song. She performed it at seminars and it was all loved by children and parents.

By the end of 2020, on the birthday of her son, Nguyet Ca decided to officially implement a new musical project. She and her partners were responsible for all costs of complete product, such as recording, mixing and visual design.

"Prior to recording a song, I will get the copyright permission from the musician, then boost its media coverage via the press and social network. We want the project to spread widely, not to gain profit from it. The better the song translations received, the better it will be. And if we are lucky that it becomes known one day and obtains more funding, maybe we may work on larger projects, for example, a show, " Nguyet Ca said.

The biggest challenge is how to keep the lyrics and tone consistent with the spirit of the original song. There are songs that are even impossible to perform due to the lack of a suitable translation.

For her own child

Nguyet Ca and her husband.


Nguyet Ca views herself as passionate and persistent, so she did not want to quit any job. However, the 2009 incident in her family had turned all things around. Nguyet Ca, then a journalist, had to put aside her passion to rebalance her family economy. She chose to work as an English teacher at the house that her family leased.

She succeeded to open classes. In addition to teaching, she also ran a coffee chain business. Her life was going smoothly until once again she had to stop all the work she was pursuing to dedicate herself to her son who has autism. Nguyet Ca and her husband, who were on the brink of divorce, decided to stay together to take the best care of their child.

The diagnosis of her son when he was only 2 and a half years old put her through a severe crisis, but that temporary pressure could not make this tough woman kneel. After three years patiently with her son, her heart overflowed with joy watching him improve daily. Every minor action that the child can do is considered a milestone that is worth noting down. He has now improved greatly.

Nguyet Ca embracing ‘the driving force’ of her project.

Nguyen Ca wants her child to have access to Vietnamese culture through children's songs so that the love for traditional cultural values within him will grow over time. The bigger picture is to nourish this among all children today, who often listen to international music that is not appropriate for their age.

Nguyet Ca in the latest song 'Canh en tuoi tho' (Swallow wings)

‘Swallow wings’ was even praised by Ms. Hong Tuyen, the daughter of musician Pham Tuyen for smooth translation, which deeply moved her. Two songs that began the project for the community, Cho em (For you) and Swallow Wing, have both received positive responses. This year, Nguyet Ca will have them released on special occasions such as Mother's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and others.

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