23.04.2021, 18:06

African swine fever outbreaks discovered in Quang Tri

African swine fever outbreaks discovered in Quang Tri

Competent forces cull pigs infected with African swine fever in Quang Tri Province – PHOTO: LDO

HCMC – A herd of pigs at a farm in Lao Bao Town in the north-central province of Quang Tri’s Huong Hoa District has tested positive for African swine fever.

Le Ba Hung, chairman of Lao Bao Town, said on April 23 that the competent forces had culled 54 infected pigs, Lao Dong Online reported.

These culled pigs belonged to Tran Binh Khai’s farm, which is some 600 meters from a residential area and one kilometer from the Vietnam-Laos borderline.

In mid-April, when some symptoms of the pigs were discovered, veterinary workers took the samples for testing and the results came back positive for the disease.

As such, the Lao Bao Town government quickly worked with veterinary officers and other relevant departments to cull the herd of pigs.

Hung said that African swine fever outbreaks re-emerged in the locality after two years. To minimize the damage and losses to farmers, the local authorities have asked farming households to adopt drastic anti-African swine fever measures.

On April 20, Huong Hoa District discovered some cows and buffaloes infected with lumpy skin disease.