03.04.2021, 16:35

Pollution turns Hanoi’s West Lake moss green: Environment authority

Pollution turns Hanoi’s West Lake moss green: Environment authority

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in an official document has required Hanoi authority to response to residents’ report of the unusual water color in the local West Lake.

Earlier, residents of Hanoi have witnessed the West Lake, Hanoi’s biggest freshwater reservoir, turning moss green.

“Algae will spawn on the lake’s surface as soon as it gets hot or the weather is changing. Floating dead fish are also seen regularly,” said Toan, a resident on Thuy Khue Street near the West Lake.

According to the ministry, recent test results of West Lake water found traces of contamination, many of which surpassed the safety threshold as prescribed in Vietnam’s national standards.

For this reason, the environmental authority issued an official letter to the Hanoi People’s Committee to prompt solutions for water quality of the West Lake, as well as ensuring ecological balance in the environs.

A corner of the West Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam. Photo: H.Q. / Tuoi Tre

Specifically, Hanoi authorities are required to increase regular water quality examination, as well as checkups in case of seeing abnormalities.

They are also advised to keep tabs on environmental parameters in the real-time report system, specifically in areas at high risk of wastewater invasion during rainy days.

Relevant agencies must track down the sources of wastewater leaking into the West Lake, including businesses and households in the nearby area. Violations of the environmental protection laws must be handled accordingly.

The ministry also requested that Hanoi City devise a plan to replenish water to maintain ecological balance for the lake during the dry month, as well as sediment dredging to clean the bed and improve the water storage capacity of the lake.

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