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US DOC announces preliminary determination on Vietnamese car tires

US DOC announces preliminary determination on Vietnamese car tires

The office of the MoIT on the afternoon of January 8 informed the media that the US DOC had issued the conclusion of the preliminary anti-dumping investigation on car tires imported from Vietnam.

Accordingly, the US DOC preliminarily determined the dumping margin for Vietnamese tire exporters at zero percent to 22.3 percent.

This was a very positive conclusion because the export turnover of enterprises that had been found to not dump in the preliminary conclusion accounts for 95.5 percent of Vietnam’s total automobile tire exports to the US, the MoIT said.

However, because the remaining enterprises did not fully cooperate with the investigation agency, they will be subject to a tax rate of 22.3 percent. The preliminary result shows that the active participation of enterprises in the investigation plays a crucial role in dealing with the case.

This preliminary result also brings many advantages for Vietnamese exporters when other partners under the same anti-dumping investigation have been imposed a high anti-dumping tariff from 13.25 percent to 98.44 percent by the DOC.

However, the result is not final, so the MoIT recommended that car tire manufacturers and exporters should continue to cooperate closely and fully with the US authorities to ensure a positive final result. ‘In the case that the preliminary conclusion can be kept at the final stage of the investigation, these enterprises will be excluded from the investigation,’ the MoIT noted.

The Trade Remedies Authority under the MoIT will continue to coordinate with relevant enterprises in the final stage of the investigation to ensure a result that is positive and beneficial for Vietnamese manufacturing and exporting enterprises.

It is expected that the DOC will issue the final result around May 14, 2021.

By Van Phuc – Translated by Gia Bao

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