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Bus stations crowded as people head home on New Year’s Eve

Thousands of people have been flocking to bus stations throughout Hanoi on December 31 as they are about to return home in order to celebrate New Year’s Eve with their families.

The number of buses running has increased in recent days to meet the increasing demand of passengers. The station floor is covered in suitcases as many people patiently wait to purchase their tickets.

The New Year holiday is a time for students and workers to reunite with their families and loved ones in rural areas. This year is set to see workers have three day-offs for the holiday before heading back to work on January 4.

People pass through the station in search of their buses whilst wearing face masks, strictly following COVID-19 prevention and control measures implemented by the Ministry of Health.

The price of bus tickets can be found on electronic boards throughout the station.

Many people queue from early in the morning to get their tickets.

People congregate at the bus station as they prepare to head home.

Despite facing a spell of extreme cold, more and more people flock to transport hubs in the capital.

Passengers bring plenty of pieces of luggage with them on the platform.

A bus prepares for departure from the Southern station.

People rush to catch their bus on time.

Some young people will make the most of this occasion to spend time holidaying in new places.




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