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Animated film on Vietnamese history released online


Animated film on Vietnamese history released online

HCM CITY — An animated film featuring historical events during the Le and Mạc dynasties has been released on YouTube. 

Rạch Đoi Sơn Ha (A Country of Two Halves), a 2D production, features the Le-Mạc war, a 65 year-long civil war between the Le and Mạc dynasties from 1527 to 1592.  

It focuses on military general Mạc Đăng Dung, who established the Mạc Dynasty in 1527 after fighting against the Trịnh and Nguyễn clans during the Southern and Northern Dynasty period. 

General Dung killed Le Cung Hoang, the last Emperor of the Later Le Dynasty to rule the new Mạc Dynasty. 

In 1592, Thăng Long (now Ha Noi), the capital of the Mạc Dynasty, was reconquered by the Later Le forces, marking the end of the Southern and Northern Dynasty period of Vietnamese history. 

Rạch Đoi Sơn Ha is produced by filmmakers from Đạt Phi Media, a company founded by Nguyễn Đạt Phi who has a YouTube channel called Hung Ca Sử Viet (The Heroic Tunes of Vietnamese History).

The film, released on September 21, has attracted more than 49,400 views. 

"We researched documents and books about the nation's historical events and victories, and legendary heroes during the filming,” said Phi, head of the film crew.   

“Through animated films from our YouTube channel Hung Ca Sử Viet, we hope young people can improve their knowledge about Vietnamese history. They’ll also can learn bravery, honour and responsibility." 

“We have received severals hundred comments and letters from Vietnamese fans at home and abroad who shared their love for Vietnamese history,” he said.

The channel Hung Ca Sử Viet released in 2016 and has more than 100,000 subcribers.

For every work, Phi and his crew spends around 15 months on filming. “We wanted and have tried our best to make every production lively,” said Phi. 

Phi and his staff are working on a new project, called Anh Hung Ban Than Trần Khanh Dư (National Hero Trần Khanh Dư), an animated film on Vietnamese history in the Trần Dynasty between 1240-1340. 

“I think animated films shown on social media will help lure young audiences back to Vietnamese movies,” Nguyễn Hoang Quốc Duy, a 16-year-old from Bình Dương Province, wrote in the comment section on YouTube, after viewing Rạch Đoi Sơn Ha. — VNS

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