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Singer encourages frontline forces with new music video


Singer encourages frontline forces with new music video

Established singer Đăng Dương has launched a new music video to pay tribute to those fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nhan Dan Cuối Tuần (People's Weekend) reporter Vũ Quỳnh Trang spoke with the singer about the production.

How long did it take you to complete the music video?

I made it in just three days. But during this time I rarely slept. We all see that the past months have been extremely difficult. As an artist, all my activities have also come to a halt during the social distancing period.

I always feel helpless when I can't do much to help the community. There are so many people who are being severely affected by the pandemic.

I was waiting for a song that matches my music, my voice, my feelings and my thoughts.

Musician Xuan Hảo put an emotional poem by reporter Nguyễn Hoang Yến with music. Yến worked on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19.

Hảo decided to choose me to sing the song. The song entitled Hẹn Ngay Chiến Thắng (Wait For Victorious Day) is special. Its lyrics are truthful and meaningful. I immediately felt myself in tune with every note of the song.

I changed the high notes when I recorded the song. Of course, the musician agreed with my change. We worked together to make the song better.

How meaningful was it to release the music video during social distancing? 

In more than 25 years of singing, this song impressed me because we made the video amid the pandemic and social distancing in Ha Noi.

This is one of the songs to pay tribute to the doctors and frontline workers who are fighting the pandemic. 

I believe that viewers will like the music and meaningful words.

I'm maybe the first to sing this song. But definitely, there will be other singers to sing it in the future. The song tells the story of today but later it will remind us of the days when all of us battled the COVID-19 pandemic together.

We are happy to do something meaningful in the pandemic. 

The pandemic is changing the world and perhaps each of us. For you personally, what has changed?

I still keep practising every day at home during social distancing. I also do exercise for good health. I read more books and think more about life. 

In normal life, we always think that happiness is a faraway thing and something complicated and hard to get. But in the pandemic, we recognise that happiness simply is being able to breathe normally. 

I'm having time to think about values in life and talk with my children. The pandemic helps me to get to know about lessons of love and charity. 

I believe that each of us will open our hearts to help each other in life after the pandemic. 

What are your plans for the future?

I think the pandemic will end. But we have a long road ahead before we recover from all the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Artists like other people have to face difficulties during and after the pandemic. I will continue my teaching and performing. It is impossible to carry out other projects in the near future. 

I pray for the safety and protection of all. We will soon defeat the virus so that we can return to normal life. VNS

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