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Art programmes planned to boost people’s spirits amid pandemic


Art programmes planned to boost people’s spirits amid pandemic
Plays by artists from Viet Nam Cheo Theatre will be featured on both television channels and digital platforms. VNA/VNS Photo Minh Khanh

HÀ NỘI  The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism plans to hold art programmes that aim to encourage people to surmount the COVID-19 pandemic.

The shows will be broadcast on both television channels and digital platforms. 

The plan is hoped to boost people’s spirits amid the COVID-19 pandemic, develop the traditional cultural values of Viet Nam, and call for artists’ creativity, devotion and passion in making new works that encourage the fight against the pandemic and send messages of patriotism.

The organisation of the programmes will strictly comply with regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control.

The Ministry also called on the Viet Nam Television, the VOV Television channel, Nhan Dan (People) Television, and the Hải Phòng Radio and Television Station to support the broadcasting of the arts programmes.

Specifically, Viet Nam Television will broadcast the programme Sắc Mau Thổ Cẩm (Brocade Colours) of the Viet Bắc Folk Music and Dance Theatre; Những Người Khốn Khổ - Những Điều Muốn Nói (The Miserables - Things to Say), Hồ Thien Nga - Sau Canh Man Nhung (Swan Lake - Behind the Velvet Curtain) of the Viet Nam National Opera and Ballet Theatre; excerpts from the classic plays Vũ Như To, Othello, Aesop, The Thunderstorm, Medee of the Viet Nam Drama Theatre; Trung Thần (Loyalty) of Viet Nam Tuồng Theatre; Day Trang Hạt Dieu Kỳ (Miracle Rosary), Giai Đieu Tổ Quốc (Motherland Melodies) of Viet Nam Cheo Theatre; Great Romantic Night and The Wonder of Time of Viet Nam Symphony Orchestra.

Meanwhile, Nhan Dan Television, VOV Television, and Hải Phòng Radio and Television will broadcast programmes performed by artists of the Viet Bắc Folk Music and Dance Theatre, Viet Nam Circus Federation, Vietnamese Theatre of Singing, Dance and Music, and Viet Nam Contemporary Art Theatre.

The culture ministry's Performing Arts Department has been assigned prime responsibility and will coordinate with relevant units in establishing a group of prestigious and socially influential artists to organise the upcoming art programmes that aim to spread solidarity, unity and compassion in the fight against the pandemic.

At the same time, the culture ministry has launched a contest in which people produce various media publications like songs, short plays, pictures or photos related to the prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic to lift people’s spirits.

As social distancing measures are in place in many localities nationwide, the ministry has held a number of programmes to motivate citizens as well as frontline workers to battle the pandemic.

Some of them have received positive responses from the audience like Những Ngoi Sao Bất Tử (Immortal Stars), San Sẻ Yeu Thương, Vượt Qua Đại Dịch (Sharing Love, Overcoming the Pandemic) that were broadcast and streamlined on TV and social networks. VNS





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