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PHOTO ESSAY: The lonely streets of a locked down Hà Nội

Ha Noi is in a 15-day lockdown to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus. The normally very busy city centre is almost empty as people are asked to stay at home and only go outside if absolutely necessary.

Masks are mandatory in public. People must maintain a distance of two metres, and must not congregate in groups larger than two outside of hospitals, workplaces, or schools.

Non-essential services and businesses must close.

Journalist photographer Trương Văn Vị of the Viet Nam News has captured the rare moments when the streets of the capital are almost empty.

“Without people, vehicles and motorbikes, our city takes on a different look and feel – it’s the beauty of desolation and silence,” he says. VNS

PHOTO ESSAY: The lonely streets of a locked down Hà Nội
A man walks alone Đinh Tien Hoang Street by Hoan Kiếm Lake. 


Phan Đình Phung Street, known as one of the most romantic roads in Ha Noi. Ancient dracontomelum trees line the sidewalks.


The ancient Hòa Phong Tower next to Hoan Kiếm Lake. 


Tạ Hien Street in the Old Quarter is completely empty. Dubbed an "International Crossroad", it is a favourite spot for foreign tourists to enjoy the local nightlife. 



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