07.06.2021, 08:25

Living slowly and safely amid pandemic

Le Hương

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s way of life and many people have adjusted their and their families’ habits to adapt to the “new normal”.

For some, the pandemic has brought an opportunity to slow life down and connect more with their family.

Le Hòa Bình, who runs a shop selling electronic devices in downtown Ha Noi, has had more free time than before the pandemic as he has closed the shop for half a month.

“There have been very few customers, so I closed the shop to spend more time with our children,” Bình said.

Before, they had little time for their daughters. They rarely ate together as a family and Bình just saw his daughters early in the morning before they went to school.

Living slowly and safely amid pandemic
Many mothers have more time to play with and teach their children. VNS Photo Thuy Dương

“Now, both of us stay at home most of the day,” Bình said. “My wife plays more with the children while I sometimes cook delicacies for the whole family, which I never had enough time to do before.”

His wife Nguyễn Minh Thu, who works as an accountant, said though the pandemic has harmed all aspects of social life including her family’s income, it has created more time for people like her for their families.

“I feel happier as we stay home together for so long,” she said. “My children are more excited as they have more time to play together besides online classes.”  

To Kim Hiến, a woman in the northern city of Ninh Bình, said she has had time to teach her children how to cook, wash clothes and clean the house.

“I planted some vegetables up on the rooftop to teach my children to take care of the vegetables,” she said. “I think we haven’t wasted a single hour during social distancing periods.”