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Rap Việt All-Star concert to be broadcast online

Rap Việt All-Star concert to be broadcast online
Vietnamese rappers on the stage at the Rap Viet All-Star 2021 held in HCM City on April 10. The concert will be broadcast on the streaming platform VieON on May 21. Photo courtesy of the producer

HCM CITY Rap Viet All-Star 2021, a concert that featured dozens of rappers from the Vietnamese underground music scene, will be broadcast on the streaming platform VieON at 8pm on May 21.

The four-hour concert featured 30 lesser-known as well as famous rappers, and 500 dancers who on April 10 performed in front of 10,000 people at the Sai Gòn Exhibition and Convention Center in HCM City’s District 7.

Opening the show was the song Chung Ta La Người Chiến Thắng (We Are the Champions) performed by six rappers RIC, Tez, Lor, Đạt Dope, Tony D and Yuno Bigboi.

The concert included performances of contestants from Rap Viet, a reality TV music show based on a Thai show called The Rapper, like TLinh, Lăng LD, Gonzo, Thanh Draw, Ricky Star and MCK.

It featured Rap Viet winner Dế Choắt with Phieu Lưu Ký (The Adventure) and Chu Be Loắt Choắt (Naughty Boy), and the runner-up GDucky with Đoi Mắt (The Eyes) and Tiền Nhiều Để Lam Gì (What Would You Do If Have a Lot of Money).

The concert’s highlights are performances from seven big names in the Vietnamese underground music scene, including Rap Viet coaches Binz, Wowy, Karik, Suboi, judges Rhymastic and JustaTee, and music director Toulivers.

They presented their favourite singles like Bigcityboi by Binz and Toulivers, N-Sao? by Suboi, Hưong Dương (Sunflower) by Wowy, and Crying Over You by Justatee.

Apart from rappers, the show included pop singers Lưu Hiền Trinh and Anh Tu, as well as Miss Viet Nam 2018 Tiểu Vy and model Minh Tu.

The Rap Viet All-Star 2021 concert aims to highlight the journey of the first season of Rap Viet, one of Viet Nam’s first two TV shows honouring rap music.

Rap Viet quickly became the most-viewed TV show in Viet Nam in 2020 with 16 episodes.

Its second episode, which aired on August 8, attracted more than 576,000 concurrent viewers, a record for a reality TV show in the country.

Each episode of Rap Viet has earned 15-25 million views on YouTube.

Following its success, season 2 of Rap Viet began on April 13, attracting more than 4,000 contestants at qualifying rounds in HCM City and Ha Noi.

The qualifying rounds are expected to be streamed on the show's Facebook page and YouTube at VieChannel this month. VNS

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