23.04.2021, 09:56

Music performance to be held in complete darkness in HCMC

Music performance to be held in complete darkness in HCMC

Blind pianist Vu Van Tu, one of the artists who was featured at the previous “Music In The Dark” concert. The fourth “Music In The Dark” event will take place at the SOUL Live Project Complex this Sunday - PHOTO: COURTESY OF ORGANIZER

HCMC - A special music performance will be held in complete darkness at the SOUL Live Project Complex in HCMC on April 25, enabling the audience to focus entirely on the experience provided by music and the word.

“Music In The Dark” promises to be an evening where music has more emotional power because all visual distractions will be eliminated.

Studies show that some 70% of all the body’s sensory receptors are located in the eyes. Therefore, when listening to music in the dark without any stage effects, the audience can explore the purity of sound.

In the dark, music becomes the only language. Listeners may find it unfamiliar at first but music will gradually touch every corner of their soul in a surprisingly enchanting way.

The main highlight of the event is the performers’ vocals as an amazing instrument capable of conveying a wide range of emotions. Whether as a solo or in combination with another voice or all together as a choir, the human voice has incredible power.

This concert features vocal students, teachers and ensembles, both accompanied and unaccompanied, from the Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy’s Faculty of Music. With the theme of “HOME”, the songs offer diverse forms of vocal music for different combinations of voices.

This is the fourth year that “Music in the Dark” is being organized. The event also serves as an opportunity for the community to support charitable causes, including assistance for blind people.

The concert is not suitable for children under 10 years of age and begins at 7 p.m.