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Vietnam aims to become a high-value pharmaceutical production center

The national strategy for developing Vietnam's pharmaceutical industry in the period to 2030 and vision to 2045 aims to make Vietnam a high-value pharmaceutical production center in the region...


Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha signed Decision No. 1165/QD-TTg dated October 9, 2023, approving the National Strategy for developing Vietnam's pharmaceutical industry in the period to 2030 and vision to 2045.

The general goal of the Strategy is to develop Vietnam's pharmaceutical industry on a par with advanced countries in the region, ensuring medicine access for people at reasonable costs; improve research capacity and application of available technology to produce original brand-name drugs and drugs with new modern dosage forms, aiming to become a center for manufacturing, processing/technology transfer of brand-name drugs originating from the ASEAN region, striving for developing the domestic pharmaceutical industry to level 4 according to the classification of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Along with that, develop medicinal herbs, drugs, and products from domestic medicinal sources into the field of producing high-qualified goods; promote the production of medicinal raw materials; and optimize medication use.

Regarding specific goals, strive to 2030, 100% of drugs will be provided actively and promptly for disease prevention and treatment needs; ensure drug security, meet the requirements of national defense, security, disease prevention, and control, overcome the consequences of natural disasters, public health incidents and other urgent drug needs.

Domestically produced drugs endeavor to meet about 80% of demand and 70% of market value. Continue to strive to achieve the goal of producing 20% of the raw materials needed for domestic drug production. Domestically produced vaccines meet 100% of the demand for expanded vaccination and 30% of the demand for service vaccination.

Vietnam attempts to become a high-value pharmaceutical production center in the region, receive technology transfer, process and coordinate technology transfer to produce at least 100 original brand-name drugs, vaccines, and biological products including similar biological products and some drugs that Vietnam has not yet produced.

Built 8 areas for sustainable exploitation of natural medicinal herbs and 2 - 5 large-scale growing areas for medicinal production. Restored, imported, acclimatized, and developed 10-15 species of medicinal plants originating from large quantities of imports. 100% standardized medicinal ingredients (extracts, essential oils, medicinal powders) for domestic drug production.

Achieve level 3 certification or higher from the World Health Organization on the capacity of state management agencies for pharmaceutical chemicals, maintain and improve the certification of the World Health Organization on the capacity of state management agencies State management agency for vaccines.

Sustainably maintain the rate of 100% of drug businesses meeting practice standards; strive for 100% of drug testing facilities, vaccine testing, and biological products to meet good laboratory practice (GLP) standards; 20% of drug manufacturing facilities meet EU-GMP, PICs-GMP or equivalent standards.

The Pharmaceutical industry also makes an effort to have 30% of generic drugs (except drugs with local effects and drugs with systemic effects that have bioequivalent properties with reference drugs) produced domestically and imported with registration papers that are assessed for bioequivalence; 100% of drugs circulating on the market are fully monitored and managed for effectiveness and safety according to regulations of the Ministry of Health.

100% of medical examination and treatment facilities have organized activities using drugs and implemented clinical pharmacy activities. The ratio of people working in clinical pharmacy reached 1 person/100 inpatient beds and 2 people/1,000 prescriptions dispensed to outpatients with insurance cards in a day.

The strategy attempts to complete 100% digitization of information and data on drugs licensed for circulation in Vietnam, updated in the Pharmaceutical Industry Data Bank; 100% of drug manufacturing, wholesale, import-export, and retail establishments nationwide are interconnected...

Orientation to 2045, domestically produced drugs will meet domestic demand and increase export value, deeply integrating into the global supply chain; proactively produce specialized drugs, new drugs, original brand name drugs, vaccines, biological products, and medicinal ingredients; There are original brand-name drugs from domestic medicinal sources that are researched, produced and copyrighted.

Strive for the total value of the pharmaceutical industry contributing to GDP to be over 20 billion USD. The system of testing, drug distribution, clinical pharmacy, drug information, and pharmacovigilance is at the same level as advanced countries in the world

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