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Avoid losing money when using domestic credit cards

In the process of using domestic credit cards, customers should pay attention to avoid losing money in their accounts.
Many incentives when using domestic credit cards

In recent years, the field of electronic payment has continuously had a strong growth. Along with that, the habit of non-cash payment is increasingly familiar to many people, especially young people.

In particular, using credit cards is also becoming the choice of many customers, when meeting diverse standards from consumption, saving, investment and showing smart consumption thinking.

Being a student and having a part-time job that requires a lot of cash, in the past, every time he needed money, Mr. Duc (Long Bien district, Hanoi) often had to ask for a loan from his relatives or go to credit institutions. However, this method could not last forever because of the inconvenience, fortunately he knew how to borrow money through domestic credit cards.

As for Ms. Huong, for buying a cup of coffee or big expenses, she uses a domestic credit card. With this card, she can be proactive and flexible with all expenses, even if she has not received her salary.

"Credit card basics is spend first and pay later, so I have to create a more reasonable spending plan. In addition, it also helps to save some expenses thanks to the promotion of domestic credit cards," said Ms. Phung Dieu Huong, Ha Dong District, Hanoi.

Avoid losing money when using the credit card

Domestic credit cards are created using modern chip technology, increasing safety and security features for users. However, in the process of using, customers also need to pay attention to avoid losing money in their account.

“First, do not give your card to anyone because crooks can take advantage of it to make unauthorized transactions. Second, it is not allowed to reveal information on the card such as card number, security code, name. Third, when paying online, customers need to secure information such as OTP, name, access password, mobile banking account, online account provided by the bank," said Mr. Nguyen Hoang Long, Deputy General Director of Vietnam National Payment Joint Stock Company.

Source: VTVNews

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