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Tim Beiko shares the first hard fork in Ethereum’s post-merger era

In a detailed development update, Ethereum (ETH) developer and researcher Tim Beiko shared the latest news about multi-client Kintsugi and briefly described the EIPs of the first Ethereum hard fork of the era.

New @Ether #AllCoreDevs Update hot off the press 🔥!

It covers Kintsugi, upcoming devnets, the next community call, and planning for Shanghai

— Tim Beiko | timbeiko.eth 🍵 (@TimBeiko) January 28, 2022

According to the post, testing of Ethereum (ETH) post-fusion specifications on the Kintsugi testnet is proceeding as planned.

Several bugs were found in the API specifications and hash disclosure logic. The second bug was fixed immediately, while the API engine improvements will appear in the latest versions.

For both upgrades, short-lived devnets are specifically activated. Kintsugi will be replaced by Ethereum’s next testnet, Klin.

Beiko stated that Ethereum developers interested in experimenting with Kintsugi should act quickly. Klin will be the final “new” testnet, while subsequent ones will be launched by building existing software.

The next All Core Devs (ACD) call will be held on February 11, 2022 and will discuss Kintsugi’s findings and Klin’s R&D prospects. Beiko will also detail the first post-merger Ethereum upgrade, Shanghai. (The Ethereum Foundation has decided to remove the term ETH1/ETH2.)

The main EIPs deal with the implementation of new EVM functions and various UX improvements aimed at reducing gas costs for the end user.

In addition, the BLS precompiles module enables native execution of EVM’s BLS operations.

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