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Ethereum Fees Down 53% in 20 Days – Bitcoin Magazine

Ethereum’s average network fee has fallen to a 30-day low of 0.0096 ETH ($24.64) per transaction. Median fees (MSF) are also lower today, from $8.37 to $10.82 per transaction, the lowest since Jan. 1.

ASF on Ethereum. Source:

The average fee (ASF) on Ethereum has not touched this low since January 1, 2022, with each transfer costing $25.75. Ethereum fees peaked at $52.46 per transaction on Jan. 10, and today’s ASF is 53.03% off the peak.

MSF on Ethereum is also lower today as on Jan 10, MSF was $29.92 per transfer. Statistics show that MSF on Ethereum is between $8.37 and $10.82 today, 63.83% lower than on Jan.

MSF on Ethereum. Source:

Figures from show that MSF on Ethereum today costs $8.37 for sending ETH, $19.14 for token deposit and $41.87 for token exchange. Polygon Hermez is L2 with the lowest transaction fee currently available at $0.25 per transfer.

Loopring’s fee is $0.29, Zksync $0.37, Optimistic $1.75, Arbitrum $1.91, and Boba Network L2 $2.24 per transfer. To exchange tokens, Loopring costs $0.65, Zksync $0.90, Optimistic $2.58, Boba Network $2.94, and Arbitrum $3.30 per transaction.

ASF on Ethereum has been trading at no less than $1 since mid-November 2020. MSF on Ethereum was also under $1 per transfer at the time.

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