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3 exciting NFTs are coming this week

With cryptocurrency prices plummeting, NFT appears to be turning into a bargain as many collectors find it difficult to resist the opportunity to buy at a good price. Notable projects like World of Women have record Their biggest sale was 260 ethers (about $627,755).

In contrast, Cool Cats’ overall sales have plummeted nearly 30% over the past seven days. However, newly released projects like Azuki increased by more than 122%, according to data from OpenSea.

As blue chip stocks gain new traction, new issues are also attracting NFT investors. Here are three prominent NFT projects coming to market.

Cool Pets

The price of Cool Cats may have dropped since the Cool Pets community project was scheduled to launch on January 28, 2022.

Cool Pets appears to be the gateway to the community for those who cannot afford to invest in the Cool Cats collection. The Cool Pets project will have a new price of 0.5 Ether.

Cool pet owners can interact with their elemental pets much like Japan’s digital pet, the Tamagotchi. Cool Pet will also integrate in-game elements into the experience. Players can complete missions with a chance to earn P2E (play-to-earn) rewards.

Using a similar model to the Axie Infinity grant program, Cool Cat owners can rent out their pets to others in exchange for a small portion of the rewards earned.

Cool Pets operates on the Polygon network, using its GOLD tokens in the Cool Pets ecosystem. However, Cool Pets will also include an Ether-based pairing token called MILK, which will facilitate transactions on the Cool Pets and Cool Cats networks. MILK will also be a utility token for the NFT project The Littles and its ecosystem.

Ethalia VOX

Ethalien VOX is a 3D pixelated version of the Ethalien Genesis collection with a supply of 7,500. For 5 years, each Ethalien will generate 5 STAR tokens per day for a total supply of 69,420,000. collectors need keep Ethalien by January 20, 2022 to be on the list to attend Ethalien’s VOX presale scheduled for January 28, 2022.

After the presale, the public minting event will start for 0.055 Ether, more than half of Ethalien’s current price of 0.09 Ether. This is considered a relatively reasonable price.

What makes Ethalien unique is that it allows collectors to earn STAR tokens in addition to owning the original NFT. Holders can earn Ethalien through “Starcade” which allows users to earn more tokens and potentially create Baby Ethaliens.

The project motivates users to buy more Ethaliens by giving out an additional amount of “Stardust” based on how many Ethaliens the buyer owns.

Stardust is a casino chip-like token that holders can use to gamble at its “Ethercasino” or buy NFTs and other commodities.


KaraFuru was one of the most anticipated drops, and the project’s Twitter account amassed over 50,000 followers in just eight days. The creators of the project (toy museum and digital artist WD.Willy) are capture Affection and investment potential of many collectors.

Established in 2019, Toy Museum became Indonesia’s first and largest toy museum. NFT collectors are drawn to the vibrant colors of the artworks and due to the excitement on social media, NFT collectors appear to be preparing to participate in the project.

Over the past week, the development team called on around 60,000 Discord members to prepare to win a spot on the whitelist.

Although some communities like CyberKongz have been whitelisted, other potential buyers who want to take a position need to be more active in participating in the KaraFuru community.

It seems that with an increasing number of ongoing NFT projects, more and more projects are integrating and building perspective by putting the community at the center of the whitelist.

Rumor has it that Discord members who interact well with other members and actively participate in community initiatives are likely to be prioritized for a spot on the whitelist, however this information is not yet authenticated.

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