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Shinhan Life Vietnam launches cancer insurance product

Peace of mind with comprehensive protection benefits

Shinhan - Tam An offers a comprehensive protection solution with total benefits up to 445 percent of the Sum Assured, including Cancer insurance benefits, support when customer have to treat terminal cancer on the list of High-expense cancers, free-premium in the future and income allowance benefit, rehabilitation surgery insurance and death benefit.

In which, customers will receive immediately 60 percent of the Sum Assured (not exceeding 500 million dong) when unfortunately suffering from early stage cancer. In case customer unfortunately suffer from other late-stage cancer, Shinhan Life will continue to pay 100 percent of the Increased Sum Assured after deducting the paid early stage cancer insurance benefit. In addition, after being diagnosed with late-stage cancer, the customer will be exempted from all future premiums and receive an income allowance for 60 months, 1.5 percent of the Sum Assured per month, total benefit equivalent to 90 percent of the Sum Assured. This allowance will partly compensate for the lost income due to fighting illness, sharing the financial burden with customers.

In addition, if the late-stage cancer belongs to one of the High-expense cancers, the customer will also receive an additional 50 percent of the Sum Assured. Rehabilitation surgery insurance benefit equal to 10 percent of the Sum Assured is also paid once by Shinhan Life during the validity of the policy. In the worst case of death, 100 percent of the Sum Assured will be a source of financial support to help the life assured's family be more stable against the loss of a loved one.

Easy access to products through a variety of distribution channels

Customers can participate in “Shinhan - Tam An” insurance products through the network of corporate agents that partnership to distribute products for Shinhan Life Vietnam. In addition, to save time, customers can also choose a contactless Tele-marketing channel, Shinhan Life Vietnam's consultants will design products to suit each customer's needs and offer suitable protection solution. The exchange of information will take place entirely online via phone, customers will not need to go through complicated paperwork but still can be assured of receiving optimal protection.

Besides, customers of Shinhan Bank Vietnam Limited (Shinhan Bank) can also easily access “Shinhan - Tam An” products through bank branches nationwide. The synergistic business cooperation model between companies in Shinhan Financial Group represents the effort to bring comprehensive financial solutions in the most convenient and fastest way to Vietnamese customers.

Mr. Lee EuiChul, General Director of Shinhan Life Vietnam, shared: “Cancer today is no longer a rare disease. It is not only a health hazard but also a financial nightmare for unfortunate families with a loved one suffering from it. We hope that "Shinhan - Tam An", with the advantages of insurance benefits, will be the optimal preventive solution against financial burdens caused by cancer, ensuring happiness for the Vietnamese family."

Shinhan Life Insurance Vietnam Limited Liability Company has an initial charter capital of VND2.32 trillion, is a life insurance company with 100 percent investment capital from Shinhan Life Insurance Corporation, Republic of Korea. Officially operating insurance business in Vietnam market from January 2022, Shinhan Life provides life insurance, health insurance and financial investment services.


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