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Hanwha Life Vietnam wins “Best companies to work for in Asia 2022” Award

The “Best companies to work for in Asia 2022” Award evaluates and honors businesses with outstanding human resource policies, and an attractive working environment with gorgeous benefits for employees. Notably, HR Asia used the TEAM (Total Engagement Assessment Model) to survey the satisfaction of all employees. In 2022, the award attracted the participation of thousands of big companies in 13 Asian markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, and China. In Vietnam, almost 622 companies participated and 46.270 employees completed the survey. After a strict evaluation process, 120 Vietnamese enterprises were honored in the recent awards ceremony.

Representative of Hanwha Life Vietnam received the trophy at the “Best companies to work for in Asia 2022” award ceremony

Joining the prestigious Asia award for the first time, Hanwha Life has surpassed many other players in the sector to secure impressive high scores. The survey results show the company’s average scores in all three categories are higher than the sector’s. Among them, Core (corporate culture and personnel structure) reached 4.41 compared to the industry average of 3.71; Self (Emotions and thoughts of each individual) reached 4.6 compared to the industry average of 3.87; and Group (thoughts, feelings, actions of the group) reached 4.7 compared to the industry average of 4.01.

Mr. Hwang Jun Hwan, CEO of Hanwha Life Vietnam, shared: “As a life insurance company, people are seen as our most important asset. From this, Hanwha Life Vietnam has made unremitting efforts to build the best welfare policies and working environment, in order to bring the highest satisfaction to our employees. Being honored as a “Best Company to Work for in Asia 2022” with an impressively high score is so meaningful to the management team, as this demonstrates the satisfaction of all staffs who are working at Hanwha Life Vietnam.”

“This award will motivate us to constantly improve our human resources policy, making Hanwha Life Vietnam to become a perfect working environment where people are fully cared for in finance, emotion, feeling, health conditions; where everyone enjoys training opportunities and potential employees are always empowered to advance in their career,” Mr. Hwang added.

At Hanwha Life Vietnam, all employees are well treated as internal customers, and it is the company’s way to keep and attract many talents. The root of this policy goes this way: Customers are the ones who bring in revenue to help the company develop, while the employees are the ones who attract and retain customers. Hanwha Life Vietnam can only bring satisfaction to its customers when the employees, who directly create the best customer experiences, can feel satisfied with their jobs.

Each staff member is inspired by their journey of studying and developing their own career. The training programs to improve salesmanship, and productivity with soft skills training, as well as improve skills for middle managers with the Leadership Development Program, aim to help the Hanwha Life Vietnam workforce keep up with the rapid changes in the market. The company has also just won the "Excellence Award in Training 2022" - an international award that recognizes training activities of finance and insurance companies globally by LOMA - an international organization specializing in training and expertise development in the insurance industry, with almost 100 years in history.

One of the bright spots that helps Hanwha Life retain many talents is the policy to empower employees to pursue career promotions. Hanwha Life Vietnam offers a flexible policy, enabling employees to rotate jobs. In the long terms, Hanwha Life Vietnam perseveres with its talent development strategy to selects those employees who have been with the company for years to promote to higher positions.

The employees’ physical and mental health is also one of the cores in Hanwha Life Vietnam’s HR strategy. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has organized a series of different caring and inspiring activities, helping them feel connected, full of happy energy to achieve together positive business results in that challenging time. Besides, the Company has also organized contests for employees to present their own initiatives. With these meaningful activities, each member feels connected and becomes part of Hanwha Life Vietnam.

Hanwha Life Vietnam members’ pride in the place they work also goes hand in hand with corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs they have. The CSR efforts have grown strongly, and so far contributed about VND40 billion, helping to build more prosperous and sustainable communities in Vietnam.

Thanks to its outstanding human resource policy, Hanwha Life Vietnam has a relatively higher percentage of staying staff members and financial consultants than the average in the market. Currently, the company owns an invaluable asset of more than 500 employees and 37,000 dedicated and professional financial consultants, advisors, who embrace the same goal of providing comprehensive financial solutions to improve Vietnamese people’s quality of life.


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