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Meta launches “Creators of Tomorrow" campaign for Vietnamese creators

At the event, Meta’s representatives shared about the new campaign that celebrates emerging talents from around the world, including Vietnam, who are inspiring a new movement of creative content online. As part of the campaign, Meta programs will focus on empowering, investing and supporting creators at all stages of their careers, especially at the early and audience-building stages.

“Vietnam has a strong and fast-growing creator community with many young and talented creators spanning from different fields such as entertainment, comedy, food, lifestyle, gaming, technology, ...Our goal is to be the best place for all types of creators to tell their story, grow their audience and earn a living. We will work with these creators over the course of the next year, to integrate them into our news and events, spotlight their talents, and nurture their careers as they continue to grow their presence online”, shared Revie Sylviana- Director, Creator partnership SEA & Emerging Markets.

Specifically, Meta’s campaign focused on 4 main verticals for creators in Vietnam, including:

Growth & discovery: Meta is building a range of tools to help creators at all stages grow to build an audience. To support the next generation of content creators, Meta is looking for new innovations that enable immersive and creative storytelling. Creators of Tomorrow are innovating by the use of new tools - whether that’s through video, VR, AR, gaming or something else.

Turning passion into profession: Over the past time, Meta has made significant investments in supporting the creator economy, from $1 billion creator investment in creator bonuses to continuing to enhance monetization products. In the future, the social network commits to helping creators make a living on the platforms today, and find success: on Meta platforms, creators earn money in a number of ways with the monetization offerings, such fan support, ad revenue and partnerships with brands.

Reels: Video makes up 50% of the time spent on Facebook, and it’s becoming increasingly prominent on Instagram too. Reels is the fastest growing content format by far, making up more than 20% of the time people spend on Instagram. When participating in the program, content creators will be equipped with short video production skills, especially through Reels - an innovative and increasingly prominent tool on Meta's platforms.

Ready for Metaverse: Under the framework, Meta will continue to give creators access to cutting-edge tools, education, and resources, so they are at the forefront of tomorrow's opportunities and innovation through augmented reality (AR) with our free global platform, Spark AR, and experiences such as Horizon Worlds. In the future of the metaverse, creators will be equipped with the ability to build businesses, find the right model, sell products/services in digital and physical form,...

At the "Creators of Tomorrow" event, prominent content creators such as Sam, Khanh Vy, Hoshi Phan and MisThy had a passionate discussion on the topic of "Future Creators- Turning passion into profession" for the content creator community in Vietnam. Besides sharing their personal experiences in content creation, the guests also brought new perspectives on the content creation profession, opportunities and difficulties and especially the role of the platform they choose.

From now until the end of 2022, Meta will continue to accompany Vietnamese creators through a series of interesting activities such as Reels Content Creation Squad in Singapore, Indonesia in September; October Creator's social media safety training; SheforVietnam: inspirational activities for women to pursue their creative passions; Creator's Day at the end of November and the Lunar New Year Food Festival.

Previously, Meta has actively implemented many programs and activities to train, support and empower the content creation community in Vietnam such as the #BuyFromHerChallenge campaign to support women-owned small and medium-sized businesses; Seminar on making money and safety in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in April 2022; 100 creators participating in promoting SEA Games 31; Reelschool event July 2022.

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