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EVN powers up digital transformation

Increasing information technology

Starting with a campaign launched in 2021, the state-owned power company has undertaken digital transformation in all fields of operation, particularly changing its staff awareness of this goal.

Accordingly, in 2021, EVN’s Digital Office software deployment reached level 4. The group has also issued 27,000 electronic identifiers; put into use the Business Intelligence (BI) reporting system; completed the SmartEVN application to serve employees; and organized thousands of virtual meetings during the pandemic period.

EVN powers up digital transformation

Citywide incidents in Da Nang were detected quickly thanks to digital transformation

The group’s digital transformation has gone a long way, completing the database of its Technical Management Software (PMIS) system and digitizing all its 220kV transmission grid equipment. All EVN’s subsidiaries have completed digitization of 80 percent of 110kV grid equipment, and implemented Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) repair policy based on IT for 110kV (or higher capacity) substations.

Notably, EVN assigned the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) and the Central Power Corporation (EVNCPC) to test the application of AI in image processing and recognition technology for inspection and monitoring the 500kV Da Nang-Thanh My and the 220kV Da Nang-Hoa Khanh transmission lines with photographic equipment and intelligent flying devices. EVNCPC has collected images revealing problems at existing power grids, built an AI module to analyze data of the photos, and integrated PMIS.

Improving customer service

Digital transformation has affected all aspects of EVN's activities, especially customer service. EVN performs 12 managerial tasks in the form of digitization, serving as the basis for developing mobile-oriented applications for customer experience on a digital platform, encouraging active participation from customers.

Power corporations have increased the exploitation of telemetry data collected once a day and post them on their portals and customer care app for customers to look up; and proactively send information to customers to warn about abnormal electricity use.

General Director of PTC2 Tran Dinh Nhan (sitting, right) inspects application of AI technology in operation and management of the company’s transmission lines

Through technological applications in 2021, EVNCPC detected 514,551 cases of abnormal increase and decrease in power output, 1,036 cases of short circuits in customer's electrical system and provided assistance in handling the problems. Digital communication channels, including a chatbot system and an auto answering switchboard, contributed significantly to improving information management and customer care, shortening the processing of customer requests to 1.78 days.

EVNCPC General Director Ngo Tan Cu said that in order to evaluate whether digital transformation is successful, a customer-centric strategy is required so that users benefit from increasingly simple, convenient and useful utility services and improved operational efficiency for enterprises.

In the field of construction investment, EVN has promoted bidding through the electronic system of the Ministry of Planning and Investment; applied AI in image analysis to evaluate the quality of construction steps; built a database of materials and equipment prices, managed project documents, acquired equipment with QR code application from procurement to assembly and installation of the equipment.

According to EVN, telecommunications and information technology infrastructure plays a key role in EVN’s digital transformation process. Along with completing professional processes in the digital transformation fields, the group has directed to upgrade application software so it can be operated on the new infrastructure platforms and on smart mobile devices. In addition, the corporation will continue to study new technology platforms such as AI, BigData, IoT, and Blockchain for application in production and business.

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