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The power sector is tasked with developing a digital transformation plan towards maximizing the power grid

Driving towards digital government

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, the MoIT has risen in the digital transformation race at the ministerial level from the 17th position in 2017 to the second in 2018 and 2019, and the sixth in 2020.

During the reviewed period, the MoIT completed the tasks assigned by the government on building and implementing e-government. Specifically, all relevant units under its responsibility have introduced the use of apps for document management and administration, as well as information page for internal operations. In addition, the MoIT focused resources on developing e-government through public service portals and national one-stop mechanisms.

Completing legal environment

In accordance with a decision on digital transformation by Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien, the MoIT is focused on putting people and businesses at the heart of digital transformation and implementing digital transformation in a comprehensive manner.

The ministry will continue to improve its public service portal and ministerial-level electronic one-stop information system, and seek to bring all its administrative procedures online to be connected to the National Public Service Portal, the national population and business registration databases and other relevant national databases.

The goal is for all level 3 and 4 online public services related to people and businesses to be integrated into the National Public Service Portal, and all online public services related to export-import activities to be integrated into the national one-door mechanism. In addition, the program also focuses on completing connection to the receiving information system, ensuring 100 percent of feedback to be transferred to the relevant units for settlement.

Specific solutions are being devised to complete each task, including raising community awareness about digital transformation, enhancing interaction with people and businesses, promoting training in digital skills, developing a model of cooperation between state management agencies and businesses, and strengthening international cooperation.

The MoIT is also assigning specific tasks to relevant units under its responsibility. For example, it is pushing the power sector to develop a digital transformation plan towards maximizing the power grid and connecting digital meters to improve speed and billing accuracy and quickly identify grid problems.

The industrial sector is tasked with developing pillars, strategies and smart factories to create high-quality products.

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