19.06.2021, 10:42

Shophouse Metro Start on right track for completion with Metro Line 1

An artist’s impression of Shophouse Metro Star with pedestrian bridge connecting with Metro Station 10.

Connecting with Metro Station 10 via a modern overpass, the pedestrian area at Metro Star will accommodate all shopping and entertainment activities of residents and visitors. Located in the pedestrian area, Metro Star shophouses will bring about commercial value and profit potential, especially for business and service activities.

Shophouse Metro Star is becoming more attractive following the recent approval of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport for the Urban Railway Management Board to construct a pedestrian bridge crossing Hanoi Highway and connecting with Metro Station. The pedestrian bridge will be 100m long and 3m wide, and will be roofed for pedestrians. Many investors have decided to cash in on the project when the pedestrian bridge connecting the project and Metro Station 10 is officially licensed for construction. Shophouse Metro Star is expected to generate high returns for investors.

Metro Star is developed in line with international standards with complete legal documents and quick payment procedures. The construction is guaranteed by French supervision unit Apave.

A new shopping mecca

The shophouse area is designed as a pedestrian street complex equipped with light and sound systems from South Korea and operated by experienced coordinators. It draws inspiration from Myeongdong district in Seoul, which is the most famous shopping mecca featuring fashion, entertainment, and street food.

Similar to Shophouse Metro Star, Myeongdong district is located next to Myeongdong metro train station. The neighbourhood has a chessboard shape including small pedestrian alleys of less than 500m in length. However, Myeongdong is home to thousands of famous brands, which is the origin of many trends of today's youth in the world.

Shophouse Metro Star promises to become a new shopping, food and entertainment haven in Ho Chi Minh City on par with Myeongdong district in Seoul, South Korea.