01.10.2022, 06:00

Tien Lu Medical Center improves care quality

COVID-19 prevention and control was identified as the hospital’s most important activity, and plans were made for various scenarios, included enhanced public information on coronavirus prevention, as well as monitoring, detecting and handling outbreaks in the district. The center also implemented COVID-19 vaccinations for local residents.

Tien Lu District Medical Center

In parallel with the pandemic prevention and control, the Tien Lu District Medical Center also upgraded examination and treatment, including a number of treatments newly paid for by health insurance, such as aspiration cytology and biopsies. It also coordinated with larger hospitals to perform early detection and screening for cancer, gastroscopies to detect digestive diseases, osteoporosis screening by the Dexa method, echocardiography and computerized tomography.

The Tien Lu District Medical Center also collaborated with experts from Bach Mai Hospital and Hanoi Medical University Hospital on a treatment that injects joints with artificial slime to treat osteoarthritis. Since January 2021, the center has been conducting hepatitis B examinations covered by health insurance and dispensing drugs on a monthly basis to treat affected residents. In the first half of 2022 alone, the center performed 25,424 medical examinations of 4,018 patients.

Patients are warmly received

The center also faces a number of difficulties in terms of its staff’s qualifications and the quality of its equipment. Plans call for acquisition of additional modern equipment for treatment, epidemic control, full implementation of national health programs, and safe vaccination campaigns.

To that end, the hospital seeks to further improve the quality of examination and treatment, strengthen on-site training, provide access to new technical services, apply advanced treatment techniques to attract patients and invest in infrastructure.

Nguyen Hinh