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Patients first

The center is a Grade III district hospital under the jurisdiction of the Hung Yen Province Department of Health, providing services for 17 communes and township medical stations. It has 90 hospital beds, organized into nine specialized departments, with a total of 101 employees, including 24 doctors.

Yen My District authorities congratulate the Yen My Medical Center on the occasion of Vietnam Doctor’s Day

The number of patients has increased as a result of the better quality of medical examination and treatment. The hospital is focusing on improved communications skills with patients reflecting its patient-centric approach that strives for patient satisfaction.

In addressing COVID-19 prevention and control, the Yen My Medical Center disseminated information effectively and took measures to prevent and closely monitor infected cases. In the first half of 2022, the center established two field hospitals for COVID-19 cases, treating 1,828 patients.

Nguyen Ngoc Long, Director of the Yen My Medical Center, said the vaccination rate in the mostly rural district reached over 90 percent of the plan, with the center ensuring sufficient drugs and equipment to avoid shortages and mistakes. The center also closely monitored developments at the communal level in order to detect cases as early as possible, and provide treatment and booster vaccinations as scheduled.

The Yen My Medical Center joins the fight against COVID-19

At the same time, the center maintained maternal and child health care and protection, as well as family planning. The Yen My Medical Center continues to improve the medical examination and treatment quality, develop more medical technical services and implement professional hospital regulations and processes.

Mindful of the continued need for pandemic prevention and control, the center plans to promote communication and education about risks and prevention, and strengthen monitoring of other outbreaks such as measles, rubella, chickenpox, foot and mouth disease, acute diarrhea, influenza A, Japanese encephalitis and more.

Yen My Medical Center Director Nguyen Ngoc Long:

The center focuses on developing sufficient human resources in both quantity and quality, as well as strengthening professional and political training for the staff to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment.

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