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Hanoi pioneers cultural industry development

Hanoi is the first locality in the country to issue resolutions on cultural industry development including Resolution 09-NQ/TU and Resolution No. 04-NQ/TU, reflecting the importance it attributes to culture for the sustainable development of the capital. According to the Deputy Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee, the resolutions target comprehensive and sustainable cultural development in terms of scale, product quality, service, market and modern infrastructure. The city’s leaders are also seeking to diversify services and product brands to meet the needs of residents, tourists and export.

Developing cultural industry associated with tourism

The resolutions anticipate the capital’s cultural industry becoming a spearhead economic sector by 2030, contributing about eight percent to the city’s gross regional domestic product (GRDP), and strongly promoting the development of other sectors.

Resolution 09-NQ/TU seeks to brand Hanoi as a creative city in order to develop culture as a core value for the capital and build a creative ecosystem around it.

In order to achieve the set goals, Hanoi is engaging in raising awareness of cultural development as a continuous, long-term process to be constantly perfected. The cultural industry is a new economic sector that requires appropriate steps, with unique mechanisms and policies.

To attract and support investment, the city aims to provide land and investment resources of state and non-state sectors for high-quality cultural works and projects, with priorities given to the development of public spaces, cultural tourist attractions, entertainment, arts performances combined with street-walking space, shopping spots, and expansion of cultural community spaces. It will also implement a number of projects on preservation planning of world heritages and special national relics, and create new cultural symbols for the capital that have the potential to develop cultural industry associated with tourism.

Hanoi will implement preferential policies, promote investment in and development of potential and advantageous cultural industries, develop a network of cultural enterprises, and form a number of large corporations to advance this field.

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