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11 Year old Girl Draws Pictures of White Blouse Soldiers Fighting Against Covid 19

Through the eyes of a talented young girl, the compassion of Vietnam's frontline workers is captured with watercolors and crayons.

11 Year old Girl Draws Pictures of White Blouse Soldiers Fighting Against Covid 19

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Lu Nhu Minh Minh paints a picture with the desire to support the frontline against the Covid-19 pandemic. Photo: WVR

The images of forces fighting the Covid-19 pandemic are vividly shown through the drawings of Lu Nhu Minh Minh (11 years old, in Da Nang).

These days, Da Nang is implementing social distancing to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic. Every day, the city records dozens Covid-19 cases outside the community. There, the image of the frontline forces searching and separating F0 from the community day and night, the leaders of the neighborhood group, although they are old, still ship bags of vegetables and supplies to the people, showing the humanity in the community amid Covid-19.

Despite her young age, through her mother's story, Lu Nhu Minh Minh (11 years old, Hoa Thuan Dong ward, Hai Chau district, Da Nang) understands the sacrifices of police officers, nurses, and doctors, working day and night on the front line.

"My mother said, her friend is a police officer, in that officer's family, her aunt is a nurse, and her husband is a doctor. Since the outbreak, they have been on the front lines of duty. For more than a few months, they have not been able to go home to visit their family and children," Minh said.

Sharing with the difficulties and hardships of everyone fighting the pandemic day and night, Minh chose to "inspire" the spirit with vivid and colorful drawings on the prevention and control of Covid-19 of the city.

Minh's watercolor and crayon paintings show the image of police soldiers in the sun, day and night, patrolling and controlling pandemic on the roads; the sanitation workers quietly keep the city green - clean - beautiful in the days of social distancing; doctors and nurses covered in protective suit take care of Covid-19 patients wholeheartedly.

There are drawings of a traffic policeman eating noodles in a hurry during his shift; doctors and nurses act as a bridge between Covid-19 patients and their families, Hai Chau district police officers give gifts to support people facing difficulties due to the pandemic.

In particular, Minh also drew emotional and inspirational photos published in the press recently, such as the moment when saxophonist Tran Manh Tuan performed at a makeshift hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

Here are the vivid pictures of Lu Nhu Minh Minh:

The image of the police force is vividly shown in Minh's paintings. Photo: WVR

Emotional images are brought by Minh into the paintings. Photo: WVR

The sanitation workers silently keep the city green - clean - beautiful. Photo: WVR

Image of nurses and doctors covered in protective suit dedicated to taking care of Covid-19 patients. Photo: WVR

Through the pictures, Minh wishes the community to share and encourage the frontline forces to fight the pandemic. Photo: WVR

Image of police force and units working day and night to control the pandemic. Photo: WVR

The painting depicts Captain Nguyen Quy Linh, deputy chief of Hoa Thuan Dong ward Police (Hai Chau district) coming to the house to give gifts to an old lonely woman. Photo: WVR

Minh's paintings are a gift sent to the front lines with the hope that the pandemic will pass quickly so that life can return to normal. In addition, Minh wants the community to share and encourage the frontline forces to fight the pandemic.

Minh Tuyen (Minh's mother) said that her family discovered that she had a talent for drawing at the age of 4, so she created conditions for her to pursue her passion.

Especially, before, Minh has drawn many pictures to support the frontline forces, one of which won the first prize of the painting contest "Confiding in Vietnam" with the theme of joining hands in the prevention and control of Covid-19 organized by the People's Committee of Hai Chau 2 ward (Hai Chau district).

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