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Quality makes a brand

Company Director Do The Anh said Quy Huong yellow sticky rice is a specialty of Thanh Hoa Province that was used to worship the King and now has its genetic resources restored and planted on a large-scale rice field with a total area of 200 ha.

However, this special rice variety is currently only cultivated in the mountainous commune of Ha Long (Ha Trung District) and yields only one crop a year as it is a picky plant. The sticky rice is oval-shaped and opalescent. It has a very special aroma when cooked.

Sao Khue Trading JSC receives support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade to invest in advanced machinery

“We have studied and researched many different varieties of sticky rice, but cannot compare in terms of quality with the yellow flower sticky rice variety. Quy Huong yellow flower sticky rice has been on the market for six years,” Do The Anh said. As its output remains modest, about 600-700 tonnes per year, the specialty is currently being consumed only in Thanh Hoa Province and several neighboring provinces.

Rice production was generally good in 2021 but Covid-19 impact resulted in excess supply and low product prices. However, Quy Huong yellow sticky rice was an exception thanks to its good quality and high-income consumers. Not only has the crop sold well, its supply is unable to meet market demand.

Six test sites

Sao Khue Trading JSC is expanding the planting area in order to increase output and meet domestic consumption. In the long run, it will study a number of target export markets, product usage habits, and quality standards for further investment plans.

The rice variety will be tested in six localities with soil quality similar to Ha Long Commune’s on a trial planting area of ​​about 30ha. In 2022, the company will start testing, followed by the harvest, evaluation of product quality, and mass cultivation from 2023.

Quy Huong yellow flower sticky rice was recognized as a typical rural industrial product and the Ministry of Industry and Trade is being urged to help fund the company’s investment in machinery to help improve the quality of the certified product.

“Although the funding is limited, with the right approach and application of information technology, we can still promote industrial and trade promotion activities effectively,” said Do The Anh.

Quy Huong yellow flower sticky rice is a specialty of Thanh Hoa Province, which was recognized as a typical

rural industrial product at national level in 2021.

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