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Liver cancer on the rise in Vietnam

Vietnam had 26,418 new cases of liver cancer, accounting for 14.5%, the highest among common cancers in 2020. The data is taken from findings by International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR), VN Express has reported.

The most common five cancers in 2020 were liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer and colorectal cancer. Over the last two years, Vietnam has seen 182,563 new cases of cancer. Compared to 2018, liver cancer increased by 1,083 cases, remaining at the top of common cancers in Vietnam.

Dr Diep Bao Tuan, vice director of Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital, said liver cancer was continuously increasing, in part due to inadequate immunization for Hepatitis virus B, C.

Many people do not get vaccinated for hepatitis or booster injection as advised.

In order to avoid liver cancer, Tuan said people should get vaccinated for hepatitis, stay away from alcohol, eat vegetables, exercise more, and not use moldy dry food and pickled food.

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