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7 benefits of egg coffee that you might not know

Egg coffee has made a name for itself all over the world. In case you don’t know, an egg coffee a day brings a lot of advantages to your health. Let’s find out!

Decreased cancer rate

In 2015, researchers of  World Cancer Research Fund International publicized that coffee helps reduce the chance of contracting cancer, even coffee drinkers have greater longevity than those who don’t drink.

Also, in a Oncology’s report, cancer research group of WHO showed evidence of reduced cervical cancer and liver cancer rate

Adequate amount of egg can reduce the chance of contracting breast cancer.


Beneficial for eyes

After having coffee, the eyes’ pupils enlarge that make everything clearer because caffeine stimulates the hormone generation.

There is plenty of vitamin A, lutein and zeaxanthin which are beneficial to the eyes.

Build up muscles

Protein and amino acid are instrumental in strengthening muscles, lowering blood pressure and improving bones

Reduced heart diseases and stroke rate

Coffee drinkers are 3-5 times less prone to heart diseases than beverage drinkers. In addition, researches showed that people who eat eggs are less likely to undergo ischemic heart disease ( by 12%)

Reduced arthritic rate and gallstone rate

Scientists at Bringham and Women's hospital have proved that drinking coffee enhances the metabolism process and prevents gout. They pointed out that it is caffeine that prevents gallstone while other substances like soda and tea can not. 

Reduced cirrhosis rate

Analysis of a research group in Southampton University showed that coffee drinkers are 65 percent less susceptible to cirrhosis.

Preventing type 2 diabetes

Cafestol, which is an ingredient in egg coffee, can reduce the amount of insulin in pancreas. Therefore, it prevents the chance of contracting type 2 diabetes

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