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Image: Bracing for acquisitions

Bracing for acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activities are expected to be intense across various production and business sectors due to inflation, liquidity woes and the hardships faced by numerous businesses. This is an opportunity for M&A investors to secure better deals. Real estate sector Keppel

Image: Good chance to take overview

Good chance to take overview

Electricity shortage has struck northern Vietnam over the past few weeks. From a certain perspective, however, this is a good opportunity as it has exposed the limitations of the power sector and has prompted the Government to thoroughly assess relevant issues, such as the development of power

Image: Power cuts hurt economic growth

Power cuts hurt economic growth

Sufficient power supply not only plays a strategic role in national defense and security, but also serves as the pivotal input for socio-economic development. Therefore, power outages can lead to an economic crisis. A lesson from China Two years ago, the blackouts in China not only devastated the

Image: We are all crewmembers, not passengers, of Spaceship Earth

We are all crewmembers, not passengers, of Spaceship Earth

Michael A. Baker, a veteran astronaut of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), has just participated in the VIETNAM SPACE WEEK early this month as a highly decorated speaker. He speaks with The Saigon Times in a conversation after a week-long event that wrapped up in Binh Dinh

Image: Encourage creativity and provide young people with opportunities

Encourage creativity and provide young people with opportunities

Mr. Michael Koetsier is Vice President for Client Engagement at Skyrora UK Ltd., an orbital launch vehicle manufacturer that provides clients with low-cost access to space for a range of satellites. He has helped organize the Vietnam Space Week that took place this month in Hau Giang Province,

Image: Bright spots amid the gloom

Bright spots amid the gloom

Despite weak global consumer demand, many foreign buyers are still looking to Vietnam for sourcing goods and business cooperation. This is crucial for manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam to seize this opportunity to retain existing buyers and attract new customers. Promising opportunities ahead

Image: Green lending needs mechanism

Green lending needs mechanism

The greatest challenge for helping enterprises in Vietnam achieve sustainable development and the net zero target by 2050 is to adopt a suitable policy to attract more green loans Green loans trickle in In 2022, the green, social, and sustainability loan market in ASEAN declined by 32% compared to

Image: Make a difference

Make a difference

Looking for a niche market and building a sandbox with breakthrough policies can be a pathway to help gradually turn HCMC into an international financial center capable of supplying cross-border financial services. This, however, is a long-term vision, while in the near term, it is important to

Image: The continued downturn

The continued downturn

Industrial production decline, import-export slump, and negative indicators from the purchasing managers index (PMI) are pointing to a prolonged economic slowdown in the second half of 2023. Negative signs A report by the General Statistics Office (GSO) indicates a decline in industrial

Image: More loosening on the horizon?

More loosening on the horizon?

While interest rate cuts have yet to have a strong positive impact, tough access to capital and stagnant cash flow have yet to be addressed. Therefore, many are of the opinion that money supply needs to be loosened. Ample forex supply The first five months of this year saw a trade surplus of up to

Image: Credit growth sparks concerns

Credit growth sparks concerns

The State Audit Office of Vietnam has issued a warning that credit growth in high-risk areas exceeded overall growth in 2022, and the credit-to-GDP ratio now poses potential risks. What do these facts signify and why is it concerning? Credit in high-risk areas In the 2022 report recently submitted

Image: Which stocks to buy in June

Which stocks to buy in June

The recent improvements in trading volume may aid the VN-Index, the benchmark stock index, in breaking the resistance zone of 1,080-1,100 points and continuing its rise in June. This indicates the resurgence of institutional investors, hedge funds, and private equity firms in the stock market.