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Dune Analytics Gains $69.42 Million After Its Fundraising Round

Dune Analytics, a cryptocurrency analytics platform, has joined the unicorn club with its newest $69,420,000 Series B round.

Dune Analytics Gains $69.42 Million After Its Fundraising Round 3

Coatue, a venture behemoth that hasn’t been involved in the cryptocurrency industry until lately, led the round.

“We had not made a single slide or Excel sheet – they simply came to us, had extreme conviction in what we were doing, and had done a lot of outside-in research, and gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse,” Dune Analytics CEO Fredrik Haga said about the excitement of Coatue in courting his analytics platform.

Multicoin Capital and Dragonfly Capital also took part in the raising round as well.

Dune Analytics’ future plans include expanding to other blockchains, introducing more tooling such as API access, and launching a new data platform that will allow users to compare datasets across chains.

Dune Analytics Gains $69.42 Million After Its Fundraising Round 4

“What we have here is a public back end where anyone in the world can deploy applications, and that creates data,” Fredrik Haga noted. “And then with Dune, anyone in the world can analyze that data. That’s why the opportunity is big, and that’s why we’ve gone down the open route.”

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