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What is SUPERPLASTIC? Exclusive NFTs drop on OpenSea

The year 2021 has witnessed a significant increase in interest in non-fungible token (NFT) , with Google search interest reaching its greatest level ever. The NFT enable the creation of real-world scarcity for digital products, and artists have embraced this potential.


Superplastic is the world’s leading manufacturer of animated synthetic celebrities, designer toys, and fashionable apparel. The firm was founded in 2018 by Paul Budnitz of Kidrobot and has since sold millions of dollars in designer toys and accessories featuring the characters Janky & Guggimon, Dayzee & Staxx, Kranky, and ShüDog. The group’s business strategy is based on the production of limited-edition toys. Collaborating with some of some of the biggest artists in the world, most items put on their website sell out instantly

Superplastic virtual celebrities are popular with fans who follow them on social media, buy their NFTs and figurines, collect their art, and see them in pop culture, like Lil Nas X, J Balvin, Saint JHN, Gucci, Fortnite, Stadium Goods, and more. They also appear in movies and TV shows. Some of the investors are Craft Ventures, GV and Betaworks. The Chainsmokers, Austin Rosen, Kakao and LINE Friends are also part of a group of investors

SuperPlastic on OpenSea

Janky and Guggimon

Janky & Guggimon are internet phenomena, fashion influencers, and content creators who have forever changed the face of entertainment.

Janky is a self-proclaimed streetwear icon, achieved by dumpster diving for discarded ‘fits on movie sets and outside of celebrities’ homes in Beverly Hills. He got his start as a stuntman following the release of a viral video being run over by Travis Scott’s “ASTROWORLD” trailer. He is literally indestructible. 

Guggimon is a fashion horror artist, axe collector, and DJ. While keeping his identity a secret due to social-media anxiety, he amassed a global fanbase of more than 100K. He now self-medicates through destruction, micro-dosing, and posting thirst traps. 

Janky & Guggimon live together at the House of Plastic located just outside of Brooklyn. Their millions of global fans and followers are obsessively addicted to the pair’s violent, provocative, and sometimes illegal content.

What is SUPERPLASTIC? Exclusive NFTs drop on OpenSea 10

About OpenSea

OpenSea is a decentralized online marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs. Users may deal in a wide array of digital collectibles, including art, music, domain domains, and trading cards. OpenSea generates revenue through service fees. These costs are incurred each time a digital asset is successfully sold over the platform.

OpenSea was originally based on Ethereum smart contracts but has now added support for the Klaytn blockchain. Additionally, it now makes advantage of the Ethereum layer-2 protocol Polygon (MATIC), which reduces trading fees while enhancing transaction speeds. Founded in 2017, OpenSea is now the world’s largest NFT marketplace.

NFT Collection


The NFT drop is based on Superplastic: The Janky Heist, a short film created by Janky & Guggimon utilizing police and surveillance video that chronicles the duo’s failed effort to sneak into Christie’s New York at Rockefeller Center and steal priceless works of art. After blowing up the building accidently, the couple flee into the darkness, clutching fistfuls of cracked NFTs. The recombined pieces total 9,240 Cryptojanky NFTs that drop at on July 13

The two-part drop begins on July 9 with the auction of eight one-of-a-kind Cryptojanky NFTs at Christie’s Trespassing sale. The collection features designs by top NFT artists Gucci Ghost, OG Slick, Shantell Martin, Alex Pardee, Stickymonger, and Alexandar Todorovic, as well as two one-of-a-kind pieces by Janky & Guggimon themselves

What is SUPERPLASTIC? Exclusive NFTs drop on OpenSea 11


What is SUPERPLASTIC? Exclusive NFTs drop on OpenSea
What is SUPERPLASTIC? Exclusive NFTs drop on OpenSea 12
What is SUPERPLASTIC? Exclusive NFTs drop on OpenSea 13

The second drop from SUPERPLASTIC’s digital celebs Janky and Guggimon has over 10,000 unique programmatically produced NFTs created in collaboration with celebrities like as Jim Jones, Iann Dior, Gucci Ghost, KidSuper, OG Slick, E40, SSUR, Ricardo Cavolo, Dalek, and Flying Fortress. On January 18, the brand will distribute unique Headtripz Pillz NFTs to about 9,600 holders of CryptoJanky NFTs from their initial release.

The Headtripz NFTs have hundreds of features of varying rarity. Pillz are classified into three types, each of which gives a unique experience: Yellow Pillz, Purple Pillz, Rainbow Tab, and Gawd Pillz.

On January 20, the release will culminate in an online Headtripz party, where fans will be able to “enter a new dimension with a blunt, a couple of bottles of Bolt 45, and maybe a few virtual NFT pillz.” According to the company, collectors who have a CryptoJanky NFT in their wallet can burn Pillz in return for unique Headtripz trans-dimensional NFTs

What is SUPERPLASTIC? Exclusive NFTs drop on OpenSea 14

Animoca Brands x SUPERPLASTIC

What is SUPERPLASTIC? Exclusive NFTs drop on OpenSea 15

Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd collaborated with SUPERPLASTIC to provide metaverse gaming experiences in conjunction with the Headtripz SUPERPLASTIC non-fungible token (NFT) drop. Purchases of NFTs using Animoca Brands’ REVV and SAND tokens will receive a 15% discount.

Later in 2022, Animoca Brands and SUPERPLASTIC will enable special gaming experiences for owners of Headtripz NFTs in Animoca Brands’ titles REVV Racing, the play-to-earn action arcade motorsport racing blockchain game, and The Sandbox, a leading decentralized gaming and world creation metaverse platform.


What is SUPERPLASTIC? Exclusive NFTs drop on OpenSea 16

On Twitter, Superplastic sent out a tweeted that said: “welcome to tha fam”. It’s fantastic to see luxury names gradually enter the cryptocurrency space. Gucci, the Italian luxury fashion brand, is entering Web 3 with the upcoming February 1 launch of ten non-fungible tokens (NFT) named SUPERGUCCI.

Gucci is collaborating with Superplastic, a leading creator of animated celebrities, limited-edition vinyl toys, and digital collectibles, to launch SuperGucci, a three-part drop featuring NFTs and ceramic artworks. This first collection of ten NFTs will be available on February 1st through Gucci Vault, the House’s platform for objects that break free of time and space through the power of imagination.

The NFTs were designed in collaboration with Superplastic by Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s head of design. Only 250 NFTs will be minted and distributed in three drops, the first of which will include ten items on February 1. Each first digital collectable will include a one-of-a-kind ceramic sculpture handmade in Italy by Gucci’s ceramicists.

Combining the drop of NFTs with the sale of historic things exemplifies how innovation and tradition intersect. It demonstrates that embracing new technology does not necessitate abandoning established techniques of commercialization, but rather creates new chances to enhance the consumer experience.


The whole SuperPlastic NFT plan includes plenty of fascinating events and collaborations.

What is SUPERPLASTIC? Exclusive NFTs drop on OpenSea 17


With over $3.5 million in NFT sales and six million devoted followers worldwide—not to mention previous collaborations with Gucci, Fortnite, Gorillaz, and Rico Nasty—Janky Superplastic’s & Guggimon are on their way to becoming the world’s first massively successful virtual artists. NFTs are a perfect match for SUPERPLASTIC, which is most recognized for its ability to create digital characters.

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