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Foreign investors collect the most stocks in the year with a net withdrawal of billion dollars?

According to statistics in 2020, foreign capital flows focused on net withdrawal in blue-chips such as MSN, HPG, VIC, VRE. In the opposite direction, VHM is leading with a net buying value of more than 18,500 billion dong. Despite being strongly net sold, most stocks have risen sharply in the past year.

The year 2020 witnessed the strongest net selling year for foreign investors in the past 10 years. According to statistics, foreign investors net withdrew a total of 19,310 billion VND from the stock market of Vietnam in the past year. The net withdrawal value on HOSE (15,741 billion dong), HNX (2,456 billion dong) and UPCoM (1,114 billion dong).

In stock trading, foreign investors net sold 23,239 billion dong, focusing on HOSE with 19,721 billion dong. In the opposite direction, foreign capital flow turned to ETF fund certificates with VND 4,505 billion.

Foreign investors focused on discharging MSN, HPG, and VIC in the record net selling year

During the record net withdrawal year on HOSE, foreign investors focused on net selling Masan shares with the value of 4,533 billion dong. MSN shares have prospered in the past year with an increase rate of over 57%.

Following that, two shares HPG and VIC were net sold at 3,977 billion dong and 2,975 billion dong respectively. Steel stocks had a positive trading year with more than 100% gainers such as HPG, HSG, and NKG. Despite the net selling of foreign investors, HPG shares increased more than 114% last year.

Similar to HPG, DIG shares also increased by over 100% in 2020. Foreign investors’ net selling value in this stock is 2,122 billion. Accordingly, Dragon Capital has fully divested in DIC Corp. Two other real estate stocks were net sold over 1,000 billion dong, namely VRE (1,258 billion dong) and CII (1,205 billion dong).

In banking group, HDB was sold the most with 1,860 billion dong, followed by BID (940 billion dong). HDB shares increased by nearly 46% in 2020.

Top 10 stocks that were sold the most in 2020 also included VNM (1,683 billion VND) and POW (1,224 billion VND).

Source: Thu Thuy compiled

On the net buying side, shares of VHM took the lead with value of VND 18,509 billion. In June, a group of investors led by KKR, including Temasek, spent $ 650 million (VND 15,100 billion) buying 6% shares of Vinhomes.

Two other shares that were net bought over 1,000 billion dong were PLX (1,513 billion dong) and PGD (1,013 billion dong).

Trading in local ETF fund certificates, code FUEVFVND (VFM VNDiamond ETF) led the net buying value with 4,390 billion VND), followed by FUESSVFL (SSIAM VNFin Lead ETF) with 709 billion VND.

According to the summary, TPB was the only bank code that reached the Top net buying of foreign investors with a value of 181 billion dong in 2020. Top 10 codes with the highest net buying also included MWG (586 billion dong), PHR (545 billion dong), KDC (432 billion VND) and PME (380 billion VND).

SHB was sold the most on HNX

On the HNX, SHB shares took the lead in net selling value during a flourishing year. SHB’s share price increased by about 166% last year. The net withdrawal value of this code was 966 billion dong.

Noting a net selling value of over 100 billion dong, there were also PVS (629 billion dong) and TNG (142 billion dong). Top 10 stocks which were sold the most were HUT, BVS, DXP, VHL, SHS, VCG and PGS with value of less than 100 billion dong. Foreign from PGS decreased by more than 25%, the remaining stocks all increased. Particularly, SHS shares of Saigon Hanoi Securities increased 25%.

Source: Thu Thuy compiled

On the buying side, Vicostone’s VCS was at the lead with 142 billion dong, this is also the only code with net buying of over 100 billion dong. Other codes that were bought a lot with a value of over 10 billion dong on the HNX included SZB, IDV, BAX, DHT and KSD.

ACV and TID were most strongly discharged on UPCoM. Foreigners gathered MCH and VTP strongly

On the UPCoM market, Masan Consumer is the leader in net buying value with VND 140 billion, followed by VTP with VND 106 billion. Top 10 stocks with strong net buying on this market last year also included VEA (67 billion VND), VCP (50 billion VND). The net buying value of VRG, SIP, MIG, OIL and ABI was below 50 billion dong.

In contrast, ACV was sold the most in the last year with 318 billion dong. According to the synthesis, TID, MSR, and BSR were discharged respectively VND284 billion, VND 259 billion and VND 231 billion respectively. LTG, VGG, KDF, VLC and NTC were net sold at less than 150 billion dong.

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