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AVSE Global's 13th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony

The commemorative ceremony was attended by representatives from domestic agencies, ministries and branches, university presidents, representatives from corporations, experts, influential Vietnamese, media and press agencies, and members and associates of AVSE Global worldwide.

This was an opportunity to show gratitude for the contributions and dedication of all members, associates, as well as the trust and cooperation of partners throughout the past journey.

In a speech summarizing the establishment and development process of the organization over the past 13 years, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duc Khuong, Chairman of AVSE Global, emphasized the aspiration to strengthen Vietnam's position through collective efforts.

Right from the beginning, AVSE Global believed in the power of collective intellect, creativity and commitment to bring Vietnam to the world and bring the world closer to Vietnam. This has also been the foundation for the organization to continue trailblazing by turning ideas into practical actions that contribute to national development. After 10 years of formation and development, by 2019, AVSE Global has gathered over 10,000 high-level intellectuals and reputable scientists in many fields globally, of which nearly 3,500 are influential Vietnamese from entrepreneurs, experts, scientists, athletes, artists to social activists. Annual strategic reports, scientific conferences and international policy forums on financial, energy, technology and infrastructure development topics have international impact.

Since 2020, activities have become more vibrant, providing consultation and advisory work on important topics including overall planning in all regions of the country such as Ho Chi Minh City, Quang Ninh, Yen Bai, Ninh Thuan, Bac Lieu, Quang Tri. More than 36 other strategic projects on substantive issues have been implemented to solve development problems and ensure prosperity and sustainability. 13 years - a journey, with the passion and continuous efforts of members, AVSE Global has achieved significant accomplishments in three core development pillars: Talent - Innovation - Sustainability. This affirms the role and prestige of a global Vietnamese intellectual organization, making significant contributions to building a solid foundation for Vietnam's future of quality, assurance and sustainability.

Notably, the Influential Vietnamese Forum held in late March in Paris once again affirmed the consensus of Vietnamese intellectuals worldwide in realizing the mission of sustainable and prosperous development of Vietnam. After over a decade of pursuing the aspiration to strengthen Vietnam's position amidst countless changes, AVSE Global remains ready to conquer challenges to affirm its prestige. The organization's vision is to create an ecosystem based on knowledge by 2030, providing reliable consulting solutions and practical policy strategies, a robust talent network, and an efficient platform to transform knowledge into Vietnam's thriving development.

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