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Mong Duong Thermal Power Company protects environment

Regarding the management of the operation of the coal-fired thermal power plant, apart from ensuring such technical and economic indicators as electricity self-consumption rate, heat dissipation rate, breakdown rate, and availability factor, environmental protection is a top priority at Mong Duong 1 Thermal Power Plant.

Mong Duong 1 Thermal Power Plant has been doing a good job in environmental protection since it began commercial power generation and production. Gas emissions and wastewater indicators are always within limits and meet standards. The plant’s electrostatic precipitator (EPS) system always operates on a stable and reliable basis, with a dust filtration efficiency rate reaching over 99.7 percent. The emissions of Sulfur Oxides (SOx) and Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are always within the permissible levels and meet Vietnamese and international standards. 

The plant puts sea water into a condenser to cool and condense steam into water. The sea water temperature is monitored and controlled to be always 40 degrees Celsius or under after cooling the turbines. The treated water is then pumped back to the river through a system of pipes and open canals as long as it does not affect the environment.

Mong Duong 1 is one of the first power plants to install and put into operation an environmental surveillance system that automatically transmits data continuously to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Quang Ninh Province. This foreign-made modern surveillance system is working stably and reliably with high quality.

Mong Duong Thermal Power Company has signed a regular environmental surveillance contract with the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Environment and Clean Production Center for environmental monitoring at its Mong Duong 1 Thermal Power Plant. The surveillance results are always good and within the permissible levels.

The company has also installed an electronic screen at the plant’s gate to show environmental surveillance indicators while regularly receiving local officials, residents, students and experts to visit the plant and learn about its environmental protection work. Since early this year, it has welcomed three delegations totaling 80 visitors.

In recent years, under the direction of the Power Generation Joint Stock Corporation 3, Mong Duong Thermal Power Company has implemented many tree planting programs, especially in its projects’ area while doing regular slag treatment at the plant to ensure its sustainable development and green, clean and beautiful environment.

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