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Vietlott Mega outcomes 6/45 April 15: Who’s the proprietor of the 22 billion VND Jackpot?

Lottery Vietlott Vietlott Mega 6/45 on 15/4

Within the 875th lottery drawing, lottery sort Vietlott Mega 6/45 Right this moment, the prize opening committee introduced the fortunate quantity for at this time’s winners is 09 – 18 – 21 – 25 – 35 – 44.

On this draw, Vietlott at this time The proprietor of the Jackpot prize of twenty-two billion VND has not been discovered. The quantity that will likely be within the subsequent drawing will accumulate to 24 billion dong.

As well as, the council additionally discovered 20 first prizes 10 million VND every, 1186 second prizes 300 thousand VND every and 18953 third prizes value 30,000 VND every.

Beforehand, throughout the 850th drawing on February 16, Vietlott discovered the proprietor of a 43 billion VND prize within the type of the Vietlott Mega 6/45 lottery.

On December 25, Vietlott discovered the proprietor of a prize of 214 billion VND within the type of the Vietlott Energy 6/55 lottery.

Beforehand, within the 820th drawing, Vietlott discovered the proprietor of a prize of 98 billion VND. Due to this fact, the following drawing interval, the quantity will likely be returned to a minimal of 13 billion VND.

Vietlott Mega 6/45 lottery prize construction

For the kind of Vietlott Mega 6/45, the participant will select 6 numbers based on his or her selection out of 45 numbers from 1 to 45. If the quantity that the participant matches fully is the jackpot with the utmost complete prize worth. no less than 13 billion VND. Relying on the worth within the prize drawing interval, the participant receives the corresponding quantity.

Particularly, Vietlott Mega outcome 6/45 There will likely be no restrict to the variety of winners. Nevertheless, the extra folks match the quantity, the quantity will likely be divided equally among the many gamers.

If the client of a lottery ticket has 5 numbers that don’t have to be so as in comparison with the Vietlott Mega 6/45 results of the prize opening committee, that particular person has gained the primary prize with a price of 10 million VND. Equally, if 4 numbers match with the particular prize, you’ll win the second prize value 300,000 VND and if you happen to match 3 numbers, you’ll win the third prize value 30,000 VND.

It’s value mentioning that within the sort Vietlott 6/45, solely divide the sum of money that many individuals have the identical particular quantity, and the primary, second and third prizes usually are not restricted to the variety of winners.

Vietlott Mega outcomes 6/45 April 15: Who’s the proprietor of the 22 billion VND Jackpot?
Lottery outcomes Vietlott Mega 6/45 on September 1. Illustration

Obtain lottery prize Vietlott

Deadline for receiving the award of the sort Vietlott Mega will likely be 60 days from the date of announcement of the winner. Overdue, the prize worth will likely be added to different Vietlott classes. In accordance with rules, the winners of the jackpot prize should pay 10% tax and the winners of greater than 10 million pays private revenue tax based on the rules of the Ministry of Finance.

Vietlott Mega Outcome 6/45 Prizes will likely be opened on 4, 6, and Sunday of the week.

As well as, Vietlott additionally has different sorts of lotteries comparable to Vietlott 6/55, Vietlott 3D, Vietlott 4D, that are open within the remaining days of the week.