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Danang launches U.S.-backed urban energy security project

Danang launches U.S.-backed urban energy security project

Two engineers install a solar power panel on a rooftop in Danang City. The city and USAID have launched a US$14-million program to promote clean energy - PHOTO: DANANG.GOV.VN

HCMC - The central city of Danang has launched a US$14 million project promoting urban energy security in the city with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

This is part of the Vietnam Urban Energy Security project that runs until 2023 to promote the deployment of advanced, distributed energy solutions in urban areas in Danang and HCMC.

It addresses Vietnam’s rapidly growing energy demand and air pollution in urban areas by working with city governments and creating business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The project supports the deployment of advanced distributed energy solutions such as rooftop solar, electric vehicles, waste-to-energy and other energy efficiency solutions.

At its completion, the project aims to deploy at least 40 megawatts of advanced, distributed energy systems in Danang, mobilize at least US$60 million in public and private investment for the systems and adopt at least five innovative solutions to address urban energy and environment issues.

“USAID is helping Vietnam transition to a more resilient energy sector, powered by renewable energy. We are excited to work with Danang to promote clean energy in the region, provide access to technical expertise and become a global convening center to help Vietnam realize its goals in renewable energy,” said Ann Marie Yastishock, USAID’s Vietnam mission director.

Investing in renewable energy and other advanced energy efficiency solutions will increase the competitiveness of Danang, attract green investments and directly benefit the citizens of the city with a cleaner environment.

In addition, these solutions will also contribute to the long-term mitigation of the impact of climate change to the city and its citizens.

The Danang City government has a strong commitment to respond to climate change, protect the environment and implement renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

The city has set priorities to accelerate renewable energy and energy efficiency deployment with specific target and action plans such as the Rooftop Solar Promotion Action Plan, the Renewable Energy Action Plan, the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Plan and the Energy Conservation and Efficiency Action Plan.

USAID is providing technical support to the Danang Department of Industry and Trade in operationalizing these strategies.

Some activities include establishing the Clean Energy Development Task Force to support the department as well as the power company to improve urban energy resilience and energy security, developing an Energy Efficiency Award for the city to recognize local enterprises that have implemented energy efficiency measures and undertaking a study to review city- and national-level regulations, policies and mechanisms to implement and enforce the Energy Efficiency Action Plan 2020-2030.

Over the past five years, USAID has committed over US$40 million to support the energy sector in Vietnam and plans to commit an additional US$36 million over the next five years.

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