26.05.2021, 12:00

Son La exports 60 tonnes of mango to China

Son La exports 60 tonnes of mango to China

Muong La District's farmer packaging mangoes for their exports to China. (Photo: VOV)   

NDO – Farmers in Muong La District, in the northern mountainous province of Son La, harvested and packaged 60 tonnes of mango for export to the Chinese market on May 25.

This has brought pleasure to local farmers amid the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to application of safe production process, the shape and quality of mangoes in Muong La District are higher than last year. They are favoured by consumers, even in difficult markets.

Muong La has around 2,6000 hectares of mango this season, including 1,700 hectares being harvested with an estimated output of 6,800 tonnes.

Around 1,100 tonnes of mango are expected to meet the requisite standards for export.

This is the fourth year in a row that mangoes from Son La Province’s Muong La District have been exported to the Chinese market, contributing to affirming the brand of mango while improving the income for mango growers amidst complicated developments of COVID-19 epidemic.