23.04.2021, 09:47

Vietnam posts trade deficit of US$1.31 billion in first half of April

The department indicated that the nation had an import-export turnover of approximately US$27 billion, of which exports and imports reached US$12.65 billion and US$13.96 billion, respectively.

Throughout the reviewed period, the two groups of imported goods with a revenue of over US$2 billion consisted of computers, electronic products and components with US$2.82 billion, along with machinery, equipment, tools and spare parts with more than US$2 billion.

With regard to ongoing export activities, four categories of goods with a turnover of billions of US$, included computers, electronic products and components with US$1.84 billion, phones and accessories with US$1.82 billion, machinery, equipment, tools and spare parts with more than US$1.45 billion, along with textiles and garments with US$1.2 billion.

Since the beginning of the year to April 15, the country’s total export turnover recorded a surge of 26.8% to over US$90 trillion compared to the same period from last year, equivalent to an increase of US$19.23 billion, while imports soared 29.1% to US$89.5 billion on-year, equivalent to a rise of approximately US$20.2 billion.

Throughout the reviewed period, Vietnam's total import-export turnover reached US$180.5 billion, with the country maintaining a trade surplus of roughly US$1.5 billion.