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Vietnamese goods have high competitive capacity on Amazon and Alibaba

A notable example is An Nhien Coffee Tea Joint Stock Company of the Anni Coffee brand who joined the Amazon e-commerce floor in 2013, with its revenue and customers from this e-trading platform accounting for 80% of the firm’s sales and growth rates being maintained between 60% and 100% annually.

Furthermore, Green Diamond Production and Trading Joint Stock Company with the brand name Light Coffee also achieved numerous positive results through their business activities whilst participating in the international e-commerce trading floor of Alibaba.

Kuo Yiling, head of the Asia-Pacific region at Alibaba, said that Vietnam currently offers over 600,000 products on Alibaba, with these partners receiving more than 50,000 quotation requests from customers around the world on a daily basis.

He went on to reveal that the country has the ability to provide competitive goods through international e-commerce floors, noting that Alibaba has worked with several partners in the nation for over 10 years, with the number of reputable local suppliers increasing rapidly.

Vietnam has great potential for globalisation due to a strong capability in providing competitive goods coupled with a high-skilled workforce, he added.


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