10.10.2022, 11:00

Hung Ha General Hospital improves quality

From a small-scale clinic, Hung Ha General Hospital has grown over the past 20 years into a full-service facility, gradually affirming its brand as one of the prestigious private hospitals in the northern region. It can treat many complicated diseases, easing pressure on central-level hospitals.

Its latest addition is the Hung Ha Pho Noi Polyclinic and plans call for developing a chain of satellite clinics in the future. The hospital currently provides nearly 300 beds and on peak days, it examines from 700 to more than 1,000 patients.

Endoscopic system for cancer screening of the ear, nose and throat

The hospital has more than 500 doctors, nurses, technicians and pharmacists and nearly 80 administrative staff. A generation of young doctors have received specialized training and benefited from expertise exchange programs.

In addition, the hospital is cooperating with more than 50 professors and leading doctors from major hospitals in Hanoi, who not only directly examine and treat patients, but also provide professional support and updates on scientific and technical advances for the doctors at the hospital.

The Olympus CV 190 endoscopic system for gastrointestinal cancer screening

In addition to medical examination and treatment, the Hung Ha General Hospital pays special attention to community activities as a social responsibility. Accordingly, the hospital regularly organizes free health check-ups for preschool children and presents gifts to patients in difficult circumstances.

During the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the medical team of Hung Ha General Hospital joined hands with local authorities and hospitals to care for and treat affected residents, and contributed greatly to improving patient health and its service quality.


Hotline: 1800 556 815 (Free calls)

Address: Son Nam Street, Lam Son Ward, Hung Yen City.


Hotline: 0221 3789 115 - 0911565115

Address: No. 110, Nguyen Binh Road, Nhan Hoa Ward, My Hao Town, Hung Yen Province.

Nguyen Hinh