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A Destination Of Prestige Office Occupiers In Hanoi

Employees are the company’s greatest assets. That’s why companies offer many enhancements and benefits to attract or retain their talents. One of those includes improving the working environment as, now more than ever, employees are looking to work in an office space that offers collaboration, connection, and culture.

An office is also the tangible definition of how a company takes care of its employees. Simple elements like tables and chairs or modern amenities like contactless elevators and a grand lobby all play a vital part in creating the kind of vibe and energy a company wants to bring its employees.

Source: Capital Place

For those factors, office buildings or shared offices have grown in popularity over the years. With companies trying to shy away from the rising land costs and the tedious, long construction, office buildings — luxurious ones at that — offer the most ideal space for productivity and revenue growth, not to mention an “identity” they can take pride in.

For the tenants of Capital Place, the “rising dragon” in the heart of Hanoi brings all components of a quality office building into one towering edifice. | Source: Capital Place

For the tenants of Capital Place, the “rising dragon” in the heart of Hanoi brings all components of a quality office building into one towering edifice. With the largest column-free office premises in Vietnam, Capital Place provides exactly what they need: Sophisticated workspaces, lush green areas, state-of-the-art facilities, world-class design, and an unrivaled quality of service.

“This is the place where tenants can enhance their pride of working and together having the sustainable development for their businesses,” said Mr. Eddie Lim, CEO of Viva Land.

Source: Capital Place

Shopee: ‘Moving in was a milestone’

In July 2021, Shopee Vietnam moved its headquarters to Capital Place to support the growth of the business to serve more users better. The e-commerce company takes up 3,700sqm on the 5th and 6th floors of the building, making them the largest single tenant in this Grade A building.

Before Capital Place, the previous headquarters of Shopee was separated into small discrete parts. It was difficult to arrange collaborative areas where the community culture of the company could be fostered. As a result, Capital Place, with the advantage of the large column-free floor plate and interconnectivity staircases, has solved Shopee’s demand for new office space and provided convenience for employees to exchange information and work together easily.

“Right from the moment we intended to move, we expected to find a Grade A office building with enough space that enables us to have many collaborative areas for employees in Hanoi,” said Ms. Tracey Trang Do, Head of Human Resources, Shopee Vietnam.

Tracey Trang Do, Head of Human Resources at Shopee Vietnam.

The strategic location of Capital Place is also one of the key factors for Shopee’s relocation decision. Ms. Do shared: “Capital Place is located in the heart of Ba Dinh district. With so many amenities right on our doorstep, we can support our employees not only during office hours but after work as well. Our priority is to set up Shopee’s office as not only a workplace but fulfills every employee’s need and helps them stay energetic and motivated for new ideas. We are pleased with Capital Place's services and hope our employees are too.”

Source: Capital Place

Standard Chartered: ‘It’s luxury and sustainability combined’

For Standard Chartered, a multinational banking and financial services company, opening the new branch on the ground floor of Capital Place was strategic in reaching out to the affluents and emerging affluents of Vietnam. It has also centralized its operations in Hanoi by relocating its head office and two other existing offices to the third floor of Capital Place in June.

“The new Thang Long branch at Capital Place is part of our Vietnam’s retail banking strategy, which leverages digital capabilities, combined with its physical presence, to provide clients with exceptional banking experience,” said Michele Wee, CEO of Standard Chartered Vietnam.

Michele Wee, CEO of Standard Chartered Vietnam.

“The branch is right at the heart of Hanoi and close to shopping, dining, and entertainment centers inside Capital Place and in the proximity. We believe that it will offer our clients an unrivaled level of convenience and superior banking experience.”

The new workspace features an open-plan office, creating a spacious and comfortable working environment for its employees. Standard Chartered also uses SmartSpace software that optimizes office spaces and their usability.

Source: Capital Place

But what sealed the deal, according to Michele Wee, was Capital Place’s commitment to sustainability. As one of the most sustainable banks in the world, Standard Chartered has been taking more eco-conscious actions in reaching net zero; choosing a building with the same incredible sustainability ambitions is just apt.

“Capital Place has achieved the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification. The building features large green spaces and sustainability features such as low-emitting materials, air-filters, and sensors to monitor indoor air quality and optimize energy consumption,” said Michele.

The building features large green spaces and sustainability features.

HSBC: ‘Strategically aligned with our goals’

The same environmental sustainability goal brought HSBC to Capital Place in April 2021. The financial services institution factored in the office building’s green features and promise of low carbon emissions when looking for an office space that could best represent HSBC.

Modern, well-designed, and centrally located, Capital Place is strategically aligned with what HSBC wants to achieve in Vietnam, both with customers and its employees.

“With its location, it’s great for public transport. This means employees can use buses or cycle to work — it’s good for their wellbeing, and of course, for the environment. Likewise, it is about the amenities, there are suitable facilities at the building to support the active lifestyles of our employees,” said Phillip Wright, COO of HSBC Vietnam.

Phillip Wright, COO of HSBC Vietnam.

Being LEED certified, explained Phillip Wright, shows that Capital Place has got clean energy sources, efficient with water usage, and waste management is done properly — all of which have been practiced and promoted by HSBC across the world. Its Vietnam office upholds the same values.

“HSBC is committed to being net zero across all our operations and supply chain by 2030. This is what pushed us to sign the deal. And we are very happy to be here.”

Mr. Eddie Lim, CEO of Viva Land shared: “Capital Place is honored to be chosen by a large number of international leading companies to set up their offices in Hanoi.”

“With our extensive experience in managing and developing best-in-class real estate projects, Viva Land will maximize the value of Capital Place and further improve its services. Our vision is to make this project a preferred choice for a good location, environmentally friendly, and high-quality office building and to focus on people’s health, wellbeing, and productivity. Capital Place is designed to put people at the center and set standards for new technology and sustainability at the workplace, alongside commitments to health and inclusion.”

Source: Capital Place

About Capital Place

Capital Place is the first building in Hanoi to provide world-class grade A office specifications, offering 100,000sqm luxurious green office and retail spaces with the largest column-free premises in Vietnam. From its rich culture to the modern infrastructure, tenants of Capital Place will benefit from a wide variety of amenities within walking distance including restaurants, pubs, supermarkets, and much more.
Viva Land Investment & Development JSC has been appointed as the asset manager for the building.

For further information, please access the website: www.capitalplace.com.vn
Hotline: 1800 9289