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Follow Vietnam s Achievements at Army Games 2021

To promote the activities of the Vietnam People's Army Teams at the Army Games 2021, the People's Army Newspaper has launched a special page for the event.

Follow Vietnam s Achievements at Army Games 2021

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A remarkable point in the information about Army Games 2021 is that the People's Army Newspaper opens a special page in combination with content development on social networking platforms. These information channels will receive information, photos and shares of athletes, teammates, their families, leaders and commanders of units.

The interface of the Army Games 2021 thematic page. Photo:

In addition, on the People's Army Newspaper, there are also impressive photos and clips about the Army Games 2021. On the website and on the social networking platforms of the People's Army Newspaper such as Youtube, Facebook, Zalo, Lotus have side information, schedule - results; information about the Army Games 2021 research contest and voting information. The newspaper also organizes live reports of the opening and closing ceremony of the Army Games 2021 and tank competitions with the participation of the Vietnamese team in Russia.

According to the Army Games 2021 Organizing Committee, the content of the "Army of Culture" contest within the framework of the Army Games 2021 will be held on the Internet, so the People's Army Newspaper will have a banner for this column. In particular, the banner will update the content of the news, beautiful images during the competition and practice of the Vietnam People's Army teams; at the same time, daily update the results of online voting on the contest content of the Culture and Arts Team.

Vietnamese Tank Team participated in the content competition at the Army Games 2020. Photo:


The Vietnamese tank team won the final of Group 2 of the contest at the Army Games 2020. Photo:

Voting will be based on videos introducing the teams' competitions (art performances and exhibitions) posted on the official website of Army Games 2021 of the organizers and on social networks. Therefore, this content needs the participation of voting for the Vietnam People's Army team on the internet by a large number of officers and soldiers of the whole army, such as people from all over the country and international friends. Voting is done through the voting column on the People's Army Newspaper and the newspaper's social networking platforms connected to the voting page of the Army Games 2021 Organizing Committee in Russia.

Athletes of the "Tactical Gunners" team in a training session. Photo:

From August 22 to September 4, the Army Games 2021 will take place in 12 countries with 34 competing contents. This year, the sports festival has 269 teams from the armies of 41 countries around the world participating. For the first time, Vietnam will host two events, namely Gunner Boundary and Accident zone (rescue).

Currently, the Vietnamese teams are practicing, waiting for the match day. Several teams of the Vietnam People's Army have set out for Russia (Russia is the host country for most of the competition).

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